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Most pointless Apple add-on of the day

by on09 December 2011

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1000 watt speaker for an iPhone

Every now and then Apple's reality distortion field reaches out and sucks the common sense out of another victim. The latest casualty is Behringer who makes professional audio and music equipment.

This week Behringer announced that it is launching the world's loudest and largest iPhone dock. The iNuke Boom is 4 feet tall, 8 feet wide, weighs 700 pounds, and costs $29,999. Fortunately it has only made one of these giant turkeys and will be showing it off at its booth at CES as an attention grabber.

Attention grabber is the right word. At no point did someone wonder about what they were doing. The iPhone produces a sound which sounds
like crap compared to a decent stereo, so cranking up that sound to 1000 watts sounds to like a war crime to us.

Never since Steve Jobs claimed the Apple boom box, which was selling for a couple of hundred dollars, was better than his stereo at home (valued at a three figured sum) has the concept of audiophile been so cruelly mocked. Someone who is going to spend $29,999 on a sound system is going to stick a decent CD/DVD or even a disk player on it. They are not going to try and play their compressed Coldplay at 1000 watts.

Behringer is using the iNuke to promote its new Eurosound line of consumer products, which will be introduced at CES 2012. We hope to god that this going to be the only machine that it ever makes at that price for the iPhone.

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