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Apple's iOS5 beta reveals secrets

by on30 November 2011


Surprise, surprise there will be more iPhones and iPads

The next version of Apple’s mobile platform, iOS 5.1 beta, has been seeded to developers, and it’s yielding some of Jobs' Mob's future plans.

Under the bonnet of the new operating system are references to the next generation of iPad and iPhone, internally dubbed iPad 2.4 and iPhone 5,1. There is also a new device, dubbed J33, referenced in the update. It is probably the new Apple telly.

This does not tell us nearly as much as the Tame Apple press would suggest. The iphone 5.1 and iPad 2.4 tells us that there is another version of both toys coming. To be honest we sort of expected that, even though we were praying for the world to wake up to the Apple cult and move towards something deeper.

The fact that it is a 5.1 and a 2.4 indicates that the next releases will be a big yawn with not much extra to offer. 9to5 Mac thinks it might be a WiMAX-enabled, US telco Sprint-ready iPad.

The iPhone 5,1 could be a major new version of the iPhone, given that the iPhone 4S model was internally called 4,1.  But then the iPhone4S was hardly a major upgrade on the iPhone 4.

As for iOS 5.1 beta itself, it brings several fixes notably it was supposed to fix the battery issues which meant that Apple fanboys were limited to showing the gizmo to only two uninterested “sorta friends” before the battery dried up.

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