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Disaster recovery plans nearly useless

by on01 December 2011


More than half are dormant

Blackberry's legendary outage could happen to almost half of businesses, because they are ill-prepared to deal with downtime and unexpected disruption to operations.

ControlCircle, a leading UK managed services provider has just carried out a survey of CIOs/COOs/IT heads and discovered that while 90 per cent of them had a strategy in place, only 46 per cent had reviewed and tested their business continuity procedures in the last twelve months.

More than 42 per cent had either no strategy in place or were unsure when it was last tested. Over half of strategies were more than two years old. Another half of those surveyed said it would take several hours for systems to be restored in the event of a disaster or fault. Over one third of those surveyed admitted it would take in excess of 24 hours to resume normal business operations.

ControlCircle CEO Carmen Carey said that the results were shocking but are consistent with our anecdotal conversations and insight into many organisations today.

“Most organisations see disaster recovery as a considerable expense to the business when in reality, it’s the cost of downtime that is immeasurable. Imagine how much damage you can do to your brand with three days of downtime?” he said.

He added that companies should be reviewing minutes versus hours as part of their strategy, especially now so much of today’s business is based online.

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