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Apple admits its products poison China

by on18 November 2011


So rich Americans can have an iPhone

Apple has admitted that 15 of its Chinese suppliers are violating environmental regulations and poisoning the local population.

Apparently Jobs mob has sent five employees to meet with five different Chinese environmental groups on November 15, only to learn about several troubling environmental issues at as many as 22 parts suppliers. Chinese environmentalist groups claimed the factories were releasing toxic gasses, heavy metal sludge and other pollutants. It is the first time that Apple has admitted wrongdoing in relation to environmental pollution from any of its Chinese supply chains.

Jobs mob has always claimed it was committed to "the highest standards of social responsibility." and vowed to improve its environmental standards for suppliers. It also acknowledged that a number of its suppliers have failed to properly keep track of wastewater pollution and other emissions. Apple officials also said they would take environmental contamination into future considerations.

Until now the only thing that Apple has done anything about were complaints about Child labour at its various suppliers plants. Li Chunhua, secretary general of the Green Stone Environmental Action Network said that Apple is now doing some positive stuff, but he wants it to be more open with their supply chain, good luck with that.

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