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Wearable body antenna could be the latest thing

by on09 September 2011

BAE sticks the technology in the front line
BAE Systems has unveiled their latest innovation which could be the fashion industry's next big thing - body wearable antenna.

To be fair, BAE has not seen the fashion implications of what it wants to do. It has flogged the idea on the basis that it will help transform the way in which soldiers communicate on the front line.

Rather than conventional radio whip-antennas which can be cumbersome and conspicuous, body wearable antenna are woven into the fibres of a soldier's uniform to enable armed forces to see through the eyes of their team mates in real time and instantly know the positions of friendly and hostile forces. However once the camera is miniaturised it would be possible to connect to anyone on the move and see a business meeting through their eyes.

At the moment, a demo has been developed to showcase the capability of this technology which transmits voice, video data (from a helmet-mounted camera) and GPS location via the same antenna.

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