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Google faces more hassle from EU regulators

by on02 December 2010

EC probes search result rigging allegations
Search outfit Google is facing yet another investigation by European regulators over its business practices on the old continent.

The European Commission has announced an probe into Google’s abuse of its dominant market position and if found guilty, the “Do no Evil” company might be fined up to 10 percent of its annual revenue, which amounts to about $2.4 billion. The money would surely be welcomed by the hordes of overpaid European bureaucrats whose sole purpose in life is to come up with daft legislation and various frivolous initiatives.

The EC states that it will conduct an in-depth investigation into Google’s practices, but that it does not have “proof of infringements.” Of course, Google is denying the allegations and claims it’s ready to cooperate in the investigation.

The investigation was launched after three EU-based rivals, Foundem, and Ciao filed complaints accusing Google of manipulating its search results in order to provide preferential treatment for its own services.

In related news, Google has already changed some of its search algorithms over somewhat different concerns.

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