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Speculation rises over Apple's upcoming press event

by on30 August 2010

Could announce anything
The tame Apple press is getting all moist over what Steve Jobs is going to announce on Wednesday.

It is only in Apple land where a press conference generates enthusiasm. Normally a press event is an excuse for hacks to start sharpening knives, but for some reason Jobs' gets speculation and excitement.

Reading through what hacks are predicting for Wednesday's event, most seem think we will be looking at a new iPod touch with forward and backward cameras (hooray). There is nothing really new or exciting in this and the only reason we think it will be this is because September is always used for announcing iPods.

However there is talk that Jobs will try and peddle his super cool and magical iTV product which some of the Mac press insist will kill off cable. Quite why is anyone's guess. Last we heard the plan was to pay 99 cents to download a single episode of content onto a comparatively low res screen. This requires users to have a favourite program in the first place something that they usually get by flicking through 200 cable channels.

Generally these press conferences are an embarrassment to  journalism. It is when we see how much Apple has infiltrated the US media and how much of a free ride it has given him.

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