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Rugged tablet out

by on19 July 2010

iPad not hard enough
If you think your iPad is too flimsy, an outfit called Getac has released a tablet which can take a few knocks.

The device is designed for use by people who really need a tablet rather than those who buy one because Steve Jobs tells them. Tablets had been popular amongst workers in public utilities, waste management and field-based services environments before the iPad was released.

The new Getac V100 tablet PC has a magnesium alloy casing. This complies with the MIL STD-810G and IP65 military standards for durability. It might not be able to take a bullet for you, but it can survive hitting a Taliban warrior on the head.

The device comes with a sophisticated multi-touch screen that allows users to navigate without removing their gloves. This makes it ideal for those who are on mission impossible style contracts or trying to assassinate people

The tablet PC is powered by the fanless Intel Core i7 vPro processor and features sealable input sockets to avoid damage from solid particles and moisture. The V100 has a two-megapixel web camera and GPS capabilites.

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