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Google releases Pixel Tablet

by on11 May 2023

A year in the making

Google has announced the Pixel Tablet after teasing it during last year's Google I/O conference. 

The Pixel Tablet looks generic. It has an 11-inch, 16:10, 2560 x 1600 pixel LCD display, even bezels all around, and a matte back. It comes in three colors: white, dark green, and light pink, with the dark green model featuring a black bezel. The Tablet has an aluminum frame with a nanotexture coating, not unlike what Google did with the Pixel 5 smartphone. Unfortunately, all this makes it look like plastic even if it is not.

Bundled in the box with the Pixel Tablet is a magnetic speaker dock which is to store the Pixel Tablet when it's not in use. It charges the battery; and it has a louder, fuller speaker better suited for communal listening than the speakers that are built into the tablet. If you're playing music or watching a video on the tablet when you put it on the dock, it will transfer the audio to the dock's speaker. Pull the tablet off the dock while something is playing, and it will switch to the tablet's speakers.

When it is on its speaker dock, the Pixel looks like Google's smart display -- Nest Hub Max. However, the Pixel runs different software and can do a lot more.  However, there are some things which are clearly inspired. When the tablet is docked on the speaker, it can show a slideshow of images from your Google Photos albums just like the Nest Hub. It also has a quick access button to the Google Home app so you can control smart home devices, and it can accept voice commands from a distance for hands-free Google Assistant queries. 

The $499 slab is available for preorder starting today and will begin shipping on 20 June.


Last modified on 11 May 2023
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