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Intel officially announces new Core desktop/mobile processors brand update

by on15 June 2023

Removes the "i" for upcoming Meteor Lake processors

Intel has now officially announced the name change for its client-segment Core desktop and mobile processors, calling it the biggest brand update in 15 years. Starting with the upcoming Meteor Lake processors, the Intel client branding structure will no longer include the famous "i", but rather just stick with numbers and Core Ultra for its high-end lineup. Intel is also updating its badge designs for Intel Evo and vPro notebooks.

According to Intel, the new naming scheme for client-segment products aims to simplify the naming scheme, removing the "i" from the name, and sticking to Intel Core Ultra for its "advanced clients processors" and Intel Core for its mainstream client processors. Intel is keeping the number tiering with 3, 5, 7, and 9 numbers.

intel coreultra 1

intel core 1

intel core 2

According to Intel, Meteor Lake processors mark an "inflection point in Intel’s client processor roadmap", as these are the first processors manufactured on the Intel 4 process node, the first client chiplet design enabled by Foveros advanced 3D packaging technology, as well the first Intel client processors to feature the dedicated Intel AI Boost AI engine, it makes sense change the branding structure, but still keep the recognizable Intel Core brand.

As said, Intel is also changing the badge design for the Intel Evo Edition platform, and introducing Intel vPro Enterprise and Intel vPro Essentials badges.

intel evo 1

intel vpro 1

Last modified on 15 June 2023
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