Intel confirms Meteor Lake desktop CPUs for next year
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Kills those Meteor Lake-S cancellation rumors

While earlier rumors suggested that Intel might have canceled its Meteor Lake-S, it appears these CPUs will indeed launch, but sometime next year.

Meteor Lake secret sauce are the island cores
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Tuesday, 19 September 2023 17:42

Meteor Lake secret sauce are the island cores

Game-changing battery life

Intel’s CEO Pat Galsinger just announced Meteor Lake, and the company believes that this is a disruptive product. One specific feature made me a believer, as at Intel Technology Tour Malaysia, Tim Wilson, vice president of Intel’s Design Engineering Group and general manager of SoC Design, detailed the architecture behind Meteor Lake mobile processors, which will deliver game-changing performance and power efficiency for the PC industry when launched later this year.

Intel officially announces new Core desktop/mobile processors brand update
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Removes the "i" for upcoming Meteor Lake processors

Intel has now officially announced the name change for its client-segment Core desktop and mobile processors, calling it the biggest brand update in 15 years. Starting with the upcoming Meteor Lake processors, the Intel client branding structure will no longer include the famous "i", but rather just stick with numbers and Core Ultra for its high-end lineup. Intel is also updating its badge designs for Intel Evo and vPro notebooks.

MSI shows Intel Meteor Lake laptop at Computex 2023
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A 16-core/22-thread configuration with Movidius VPU onboard

The Computex 2023 is a big show so it does not come as a surprise that members of the press can stumble upon products that are not officially announced, as it happened with MSI's Prestige 16 Studio laptop that was actually running Intel's upcoming 14th gen Meteor Lake processor.

Intel could have scrapped Meteor Lake 6P+8E CPU
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According to a leaked roadmap

An alleged Intel roadmap that has recently leaked online shows that Intel could have scrapped a specific Meteor Lake-S 6P+8E SKU, giving credit to earlier rumors that it has been canceled and replaced by an Arrow Lake CPU with the same configuration.

Chipzilla changing Meteor Lake branding
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Intel's Core range might be pimped up after 15 years

It is starting to look like the rumours of Chipzilla changing its Core branding might be true.

Intel confirms "rough release date" for Meteor Lake chips
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Sometime this year

Intel has confirmed a rough release window for the first 14th-gen CPUs, but it is not exactly an announcement to set your watches by.

Intel confirms Meteor Lake for second half of 2023
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Lunar Lake in 2024

During its rather disappointing quarterly and yearly financial call, Intel confirmed that both its Meteor Lake and Lunar Lake processors are still on course.

Chipzilla might have abandoned Meteor Lake's desktop variants
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14th-generation Meteor Lake processors have had an Annus horribilis

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn claiming that the much troubled Intel 14th-generation Meteor Lake processors desktop variants might be canned.

Meteor and Arrow Lake processor details leaked
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Huge redesign

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn about the next-gen Intel Meteor Lake and Intel Arrow Lake processors.