Assange gets a dose of legal reality
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Judge says he lacks courage and does not want to face consequences

Julian Assange has been given a sharp lesson in the reality of law when his actions were forensically pulled apart by District Court Judge Emma Arbuthnot in a 30 minute judgment.

Assange is a problem and a nuisance says Nobel Peace Prize winner
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Ecuadorian president loses patience 

The president of Ecuador is getting more miffed at Julian Assange as the WikiLeaks founder enters his sixth year as a fugitive inside the country's embassy in London.

Assange is now an Ecuadorian national
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But the UK says he can't be a diplomat

Ecuador has granted citizenship to WikiLeaks founder and bail-jumper Julian Assange, who has been living in asylum at the nation's embassy in London for more than five years.

Trump asked Assange to improve access to Hilary emails
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Assange said no

A data firm linked to the presidential campaign of Donald Trump offered to help WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange spruce up the database of emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server.

WikiLeaks reveals Russian spying operations
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Putin running a similar operation to the US 

WikiLeaks, which has lately appeared to be the mouthpiece for Russian intelligence, has suddenly turned on its Kremlin masters.

Assange rushes to defend Trump staring into the sun
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Claims it is perfectly safe to look at the sun

While the press was mocking Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump’s antics of staring straight at the sun during the solar eclipse, he had the support of Wikileak’s Julian (look at me) Assange.

Wikileaks is now pro-Russian
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Assange hides leaks which embarrass the Kremlin 

The image of Wikileaks being a non-partisan outlet for whistle-blowers has been called into question after it has revealed that Julian Assange was turning down caches of documents embarrassing to the Russian government.

Swedes gives up on Assange
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Seven year stand off is over

Julian Assange has won his battle against extradition to Sweden after prosecutors said that they will no longer go ahead with an investigation into a rape allegation.

Trump fails to create cyber security team
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But promises to arrest Julian Assange

Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump has missed a deadline to create a cyber security team which was supposed to keep the Russians out of US networks.

Wikileaks insists tech companies obey Assange
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Or risk being hacked

Any hope of a partnership between Wikileaks, Google, Microsoft, and Apple to fix holes that the CIA has found in their products has hit a roadblock because Julian Assange is insisting that the big three do everything the way he says.