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SSDs might have a problem

by on29 October 2008


With certain notebooks and motherboards

One of our readers sent us a rather interesting link to OCZ forums which shows that OCZ's Core SSDs might have problems with certain notebooks, as well as with some desktop motherboards.

According to the post over at OCZ forums, one of the users had trouble with Dell's Vostro 1000, and according to some other posts in the same thread some desktop motherboards might have the same problem, as well. One of the OCZ guys claims those issues can be easily fixed with a bios update, but apparently some just don't work with those SSDs.

According to another post Lenovo had, and apparently still has, four notebook models don't support SSDs at all. We don't know if this is only happening with OCZ's Core SSDs or if it is a general issue with all SSDs, but it sure sounds like a serious issue. This might be an isolated case, but you should definitely be aware of these problems when you buy such an expensive piece of hardware.

According to our info, OCZ's SSD are fully SATA compliant and the blame falls directly on notebook manufacturers, as they are the ones that have to add support for SSDs via a bios update. Let's just hope that they are working on it, as SSDs are getting more and more popular these days.

You can find the forum thread here.

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