Nvidia brings performance improvements with Gamescom graphics driver
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Some new features as well

Nvidia certainly came to Gamescom prepared, and while we have seen all those new trailers and heard about new titles that will support Nvidia RTX in one way or another, the company also had a nice ace up its sleeve, a special Gamescom Game Ready driver, Geforce 436.02, which brings some big performance optimizations as well as new features.

Nvidia shows more RTXed games at Gamescom 2019
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Minecraft, Watch Dogs Legion, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 and more

Nvidia took Gamescom 2019 by storm, showing a bit more games with RTX as well as announcing some new titles that have joined the list.

Cyberpunk 2077 coming to Google Stadia
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Gets RTX ray-traced screenshots as well

At the Google's Gamescom 2019 Stadia Direct livestream, CD Projekt Red has announced that Cyberpunk 2077 will be coming to Google's Stadia streaming service when it launches in April next year. We also got some new RTX ray traced screenshots from the game, courtesy of Nvidia.

Alienware's 55-inch OLED gaming monitor coming in September
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Attached to a $3999.99 price tag

Alienware has finally announced the official launch date for its 55-inch OLED gaming monitor, which will be coming on September 30th with a price set at $3,999.99 ($4,000).

Possible AMD 3rd gen Threadripper spotted on Geekbench
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Codename Sharkstooth

What appears to be a 3rd generation Ryzen Threadripper CPU based on Zen 2 architecture has been spotted on Geekbench, scoring some impressive single- and multi-threaded numbers.

Powercolor launches custom RX 5700 series cards
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With the RX 5700 XT Red Devil as the flagship

As expected and announced earlier, Powercolor has officially launched its full lineup of custom Radeon RX 5700 series graphics cards, including the standard Red Dragon and the special Red Devil series.

AMD says RX 5700 series is cool with 110°C
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AIB partners come to the rescue

While AMD's reference cooler on the RX 5700 series leaves a lot to be desired in terms of cooling and noise, AMD says that high hotspot temperatures observed on the series is "expected and within spec".

Going 4K/UHD on a budget with LG 27UD58-B
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Review: Decent IPS monitor that will not break the bank

There are plenty of 4K/UHD monitors on the market and while gaming-oriented ones still carry a high price tag, you can still find a decent 3840x2160 resolution monitor without hurting your wallet. Coming with an AH-IPS panel, the LG 27UD58-B proves to be quite a surprise considering its price tag hits $350/€250.

Hideo Kojima to show new look at Death Stranding at Gamescom
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At the Opening Night Live event on August 19th

Hideo Kojima is another big name that will be present at the gamescom: Opening Night Live, where he has promised a new look at the Death Stranding game, scheduled to launch on November 8th.

Rick Bergman rejoins AMD as EVP of Computing and Graphics
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ATI veteran comes back from Synaptics

AMD has announced that industry veteran, and an ex-ATI chap from the good ol' days, Rick Bergman, has rejoined the company as Executive Vice President of Computing and Graphics.