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Apple to drop key iOS 8 features

by on02 May 2014

Couldn’t get them to go

Software experts at the fruity cargo cult Apple have admitted that they are out of their depth with some of the promised features on the iOS. According to Trusted Reviews, Apple may be forced to drop a number of key new features for iOS 8. 

The company’s next Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) is being held in San Francisco next month, when the new mobile OS is expected to be introduced. However, iOS 8 may have to be scaled back significantly. It is all the fault of the OS X 10.10 as Jobs’ Mob wants an redesign, which is requiring all hands on deck to complete and many of its iOS UI resources have been allocated to OS X. The iOS 8 which are being dropped now skip to the next version and Apple fanboys are getting all moist about that instead.

Among the new features rumoured for iOS 8 that might be for the chop are the new Healthbook application, which will apparently pull together all the health information from various apps and fitness devices. Siri improvements such as the Shazam song recognition software were set to be integrated into the personal assistant software and it is not clear if this is happening. New TextEdit and Preview apps are also rumoured, while iTunes Radio could get its own stand-alone application. Be still my beating heart

Maps is still set to be improved with public transport directions but given that Maps is a bit of a joke it does not matter if they fix that anyway.

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