IBM ask for voluntary redundancies
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While sharpening its axe

Big Blue wants to become smaller and asks workers who want to quit with a pay-off to put their hands up as it starts a new round of global sackings.

Tories flog off largest British fab to Yanks
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Newport chip factory sold for €163 million

The UK government has said yes to selling Newport Wafer Fab (NWF), the country's biggest computer chip maker, to US firm Vishay Intertechnology for €163 million.

Tech mob forms after Apple dodges EU law
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Pushback on Apple's sham plan

Spotify, Epic Games, Deezer, Paddle, and several other developers and EU groups today sent a snotogram to the European Commission to moan about Apple’s "dodgy scheme" to get away with avoiding the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

French court backs the GPL
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Orange in a jam

French phone firm Orange has been ordered to pay up for ripping off the open saucy software of Entr'ouvert, a small French publisher.

Huawei’s chips match Zen 3
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HiSilicon V120 are four years behind

A Geekbench 6 result shows what could be the first look at the speed of the Taishan V120, made by Huawei's HiSilicon arm.

Boffins come up with AI worms
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Fear is the mind-killer

A team of boffins has made one of the first AI worms - which can spread from one system to another, nicking data or dropping viruses on the way.

Apple sued for playing monopoly
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Cloud scams made users pay more

Fruity cargo cult Apple is facing a lawsuit accusing the tech giant of running an illegal monopoly over digital storage for its customers.

HDMI Forum snubs AMD's open-source plea
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Wants to keep specs members only

AMD has hit a brick wall in its bid to boost its open-source Linux graphics driver.

Biden blocks bargain Chinese cars
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They are cheaper and better, and we can't compete so they are "insecure"

The US President, Joe Biden, is trying to stop cheap and cheerful Chinese smart cars from coming to America. The US government says it is looking into the "security implications" of letting China sell its intelligent cars, claiming that it can collect data about the drivers.

Microsoft's new API to boost game graphics
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Claims to have created the missing link

Software King of the World, Microsoft, has unveiled a new Windows API to provide game developers with a seamless way to integrate super-resolution AI-upscaling features from Nvidia, AMD, and Intel.