LG looks to OLED to turn around business
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I see a red door but I want to paint it perfect black

LG display wants to turn around its slowing big screen business by capitalising on increasing global demand for its large-sized OLED panels.

LG Sprinting for first US 5G phones
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For the first half of 2019

LG has announced that it is working with Sprint on delivering the first 5G smartphone in the United States in the first half of 2019, following the launch of the carrier's 5G network at the beginning of next year.

TSMC invests in new fabs
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$4.49 billion in capital development

TSMC has written a cheque for capital appropriations of approximately US$4.49 billion for new fabs construction, advanced-node and specialty technology upgrades and related capacity expansions.

Foxconn profit below forecast
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Soaring operating costs and poor iPhone X sales

Foxconn posted second-quarter net profit well below expectations and blamed a rise in component costs and unsold inventory.

Apple pulls update
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15 August 2018

Apple pulls update

Because it is rubbish

Fruity cargo cult Apple's slide into programming shame has continued after it was forced to pull its latest software update because it tiggered people's phones.

Three more security holes found in Intel chips
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Chipocalypse Now

Intel has found  three more possible flaws in some of its microprocessors that can be exploited to gain access to certain data from computer memory.

Switching off location data on smartphones makes no difference
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Google can still spy

An Associated Press investigation found that many Google services on Android devices and iPhones store your location data even if users think they have switched it off.

FCC Ajit Pai  tried to cut poor Native Americans off the internet
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Custard's last stand

A move by the FCC to do a Custer on an internet subsidy for poor Native Americans has been squashed by the legal system.

Facebook warns media companies “co-operate or die”
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Only social media will revitalise journalism

Facebook has told media companies they will have to co-operate with the social network or die.

Aussie government brings in backdoor crypto-busting bill
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But it says it is not really a backdoor so it is fair dinkum

The Australian government has scheduled its "not-a-backdoor" crypto-busting bill to land in parliament in the spring session.