TSMC founder looks for COVID vaccines
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Wants to help the government out

Taiwan will allow Terry Gou, the billionaire founder of Taiwan's Foxconn and TSMC to negotiate on the government's behalf for COVID-19 vaccines.

Google moves to AMD on cloud
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Cloud’s not too sexy for Milan

Google will offer cloud computing services based on AMD's newest data centre chip, Milan in a move likely to intensify AMD's push to grab market share from rival Intel.

Nvidia invests $100 million in UK supercomputer
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Showing commitment to ARM operations

Nvidia is spending at least $100 million on a supercomputer in the United Kingdom in a move to show the UK authorities how committed it is to the country now that it wants to own Arm.

Google wants to increase Linux security
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Moving to Rust

Google said it's funding a project to increase Linux security by writing parts of the operating system's core in Rust.

Nielsen says we know if you are streaming
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TV ratings enter the 21st century

TV rating outfit Nielsen says that it has finally come up with a way of telling if people are streaming shows.

Ukraine police arrest major ransomware gang
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Cl0p hit US targets

Police in Ukraine said this week they arrested members of a major ransomware gang. 

Ice Lake Xeons disappoint
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Chew more power than Cascade Lake

Intel’s latest Ice Lake Xeons are likely to be a huge disappointment to data centre customers as they suck up more power than the previous Cascade Lake generation.

Nadella is now Microsoft chairman
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Replaces John Thompson

Software King of the World Microsoft named Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella as its new chairman, in place of John Thompson.

Apple attacks new EU law
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Says it will not be in its users' interest  

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that he believes a proposed European law known as DMA would "not be in the best interest of users," signalling the iPhone maker's opposition to European legislation that would force it to allow users to install software outside of Apple's App Store.

Xbox One owners play next-gen Xbox through cloud
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Bethesda backed move

Software King of the World Microsoft will let Xbox One owners play next-gen Xbox games through its xCloud service.