Smartphone sales plumet to their worst levels in a decade
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Mobile revolution stalled

Beancounters at CCS have added up some numbers and reached the conclusion that sales of mobile phones will slump to their lowest level for a decade due to the impact of coronavirus.

Apple getting more evil, claims rival
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 Tile, which helps users find missing items,said it is completely lost why the convicted monopolist Apple's anti-competative antics are getting worse.

Robots go to work in Italian hospitals
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They can't get sick

The crisis in the Italian health service is proving a good testing ground for robotic medical staff.

AI can't manage some things
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Still a role for humans

It appears that AI is as accurate as a tarot reader when it comes to predicting some subjects. 

Huawei still getting its paws on US components
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US blocks having a marginal result

Huawei is still using components made by US companies in its newest flagship smartphone, a Financial Times teardown has found, despite the US all but blacklisting the Chinese telecoms equipment manufacturer.

Apple makes sky dark for Android weather watchers
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We invented the weather

Apple has given a popular weather app a pile of cash and told it to shut off Android users from the service.

Intel Core i9-10999K doubles current-gen performance
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Chipzilla has an answer to the Ryzen 9

German retailer Lirpa Technologies has leaked the specifications and probable performance of Intel's upcoming Comet Lake desktop CPUs and it appears that the headline chip is a match for AMD's Ryzen 9.

Xerox abandons $35 billion hostile HP bid
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Plans kung flued

Copier maker Xerox has given up on its $35 billion hostile cash-and-stock bid for the maker of very expensive printer ink HP and blamed the pesky coronavirus for interfering with its plans.

Telecom HPE, Intel and Linux Foundation building open source software for 5G core
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Automatic 5G across lots of different sites

HPE is working with Intel and the Linux Foundation to build open saucy software to automate the roll out of 5G across multiple sites.

Quantum computers on coronavirus case
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We can solve this with potentially dead or alive cats

D-Wave today made its quantum computers available for free to researchers and developers working on responses to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.