Xiaomi released human robot
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Costs a fortune 

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has revealed the country’s first humanoid robot and it costs a fortune.

Mercury says that Intel is in trouble
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Continues to smack Chipzilla in the servers 

A research company named after the Roman communication god Mercury (who was also famous for lying and stealing cattle) claims that AMD is cleaning Intel's clock when it comes to servers. 

Biometrics market booming
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Worth $6.1 billion by 2026

Beancounters at IDC say that European companies will spend a fortune on biometric systems throughout 2022.

AMD's Zen CPU's will need to be slowed
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Medium-severity flaw means you will have to listen to the sound of one hand clapping for a while 

 AMD’s Zen CPUs are vulnerable to a medium-severity flaw which means AMD will have to turn off SMT technology which will make the chips pretty much as bad as Intel's.

Teens really hate Facebook
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Requires too much concentration 

Facebook is about as popular among modern teens as the works of Edward Gibbon whose six volume critique of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire was ironically first published on the year that the North American empire was founded.

Tech billionaires digging up Greenland
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Ice, ice baby

Tech billionaires Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are backing a move to probe beneath Greenland's melting ice to find resources for clean energy.

Moderna CEO says COVID-19 vaccines are like iPhones
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Ten reasons why Moderna's CEO is wrong 

Moderna's CEO made a bit of a mistake when he compared COVID-19 vaccines to iPhones.

Apple messing with Telegram
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Telegram CEO Founder dares to complain

Telegram CEO Founder Pavel Valeryevich Durov has apparently realised that the fruity cargo cult Apple is messing with him.

Forget the mark of the beast new tech just needs your paw print
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So that is one conspiracy consigned to the dustbin

Amazon has announced an expansion of its palm-reading payments service, Amazon One, which will come to a range of new Whole Foods stores, and while it will not tell your fortune it does kill off a long standing conspiracy myth parading as Biblical prophecy .

DNA storage could be the only way forward
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Just sneeze out your Excel spreadsheet, there's a good chap

The cloud industry is about to hit a major hurdle which can only be overcome by a move to more innovative storage methods, a new report claims.