UK press worried about a loss of technology in the stores
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Daily Star claims Christmas will be cancelled due to a lack of Apples

Brexit touting tabloid the Daily Star thinks that Christmas is going to be cancelled this year because there will not be enough technology available in the shops.

Ericsson flung out of China
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Middle Kingdom retaliation

Sweden's Ericsson said it will reduce its operations in China after suffering a big sales drop in one of its biggest markets due to retaliation for Sweden's ban on Huawei from selling 5G gear in the country.

Intel’s problems were caused by a lack of engineers
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Gelsinger says that there were too many suits

Intel's recent manufacturing problems were due to the fact that too many suits and not enough engineers got to the top, according to Intel CEO Kicking Pat Gelsinger.

Amazon only protects its chums from counterfeiters
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If your brand is unknown you get no protection

Amazon only seems interested in protecting big name brands from counterfeiters and not those who come up with good ideas but are not as famous.

Apple releases a $20 rag
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Works with all its products

Fruity cargo-cult Apple has invented a reassuringly expensive rag to wipe stuff from its expensive gadgets.

Apple releases new Monterey operating system
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Named after the place where the US’s most boring, and over hyped writer lived

Fruity cargo cult Apple has announced that its macOS Monterey is available .

Facebook wants to build a new universe
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This one is not working

Social notworking site Facebook say it wants to built a “metaverse” which truly reflects the will of its mighty creator Mark Zuckerberg.

Intel says it can make better chips than Apple
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Will win the company back

The Tame Apple Press is furious with Intel’s Kicking Pat Gelsinger after he dared to point out that Intel could make better chips than the fruity cargo cult.

Philips slashes sales
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18 October 2021

Philips slashes sales

Global supply chain issues

Dutch health technology company Philips cut its outlook for sales and profit growth this year and said the global supply chain problems that added to its growing list of worries in the third quarter would likely intensify.

Foxconn releases three electric car prototypes
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Keen to drive away from Apple dependence 

Foxconn unveiled its first three electric vehicle prototypes, which are being seen as part of its ambitious plans to diversify away from its role of building consumer electronics for Apple.