Chipzilla denies it has a cure for 13th and 14th Gen desktop CPU instability
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Still looking

Intel has denied rumours that it has sorted out why some of their 13th and 14th Gen desktop CPUs are unstable, and it is still looking for the main problem.

Regulators force Meta to stop data scraping
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Get your AI information from somewhere else

In the UK and EU, authorities have made Meta stop its plans to use people's data to train AI.

Copilot is helping people to quit worrying and love AI
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Dr Strangelove

Software King of the World Microsoft’s copilot is helping people get used to working with AI, according to new research.

Data centres are where AMD's profit lies
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AMD says there is gold in them thar hills 

AI computers might be stealing all the headlines, but AMD’s chief financial officer believes that their main source of profit is still data centres, with CPU cores being essential for many tasks.

Apple decides it is too fat and needs to lose weight
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Wants to get back to what it was 10 years ago

The fruity cargo cult Apple has developed a middle-aged spread and decided to go back to the days when it was known for its slimness.

French court orders DNS blocks on Google, Cloudflare, and Cisco
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Only 800 people will be effected

A French court has mandated Google, Cloudflare, and Cisco to modify their DNS resolvers to block about 117 pirate sports streaming domains, as part of Canal+'s anti-piracy measures. This includes deindexing the sites from search results.

A million SQL Servers are out-of-date
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20 per cent unsupported

Lansweeper has warned about the widespread use of outdated Microsoft SQL Server versions in enterprises.

Apple is the leader when it comes to European court action
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App store will be a test case

Apple, the fruity cargo cult, is likely to be the first to be caned under the EU’s shiny new digital laws to take on Big Tech titans.

Apple admits its AI will always lie
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Being creative with the truth

After arriving late to the AI race, the fruity cargo cult Apple has admitted its Apple intelligence will always tell lies.

Firefox stands up to Putin
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Reinstates anti-censorship add-ons

Big Cheeses at the Mozzarella Foundation have decided to reinstate Firefox add-ons that the Kremlin had banned earlier this week in Russia.