AMD snaps up Finnish AI Startup
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Silo AI to boost AI chip capabilities

AMD has written a $665 million cheque to buy Finnish artificial intelligence startup Silo AI.

Gay furry hackers take down Heritage Foundation
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Two gigabytes of data taken 

An established cybercrime group with a history of targeting political entities posted approximately two gigabytes of data from the right wing think tank the Heritage Foundation.

China outspends US on fusion technology.
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US thinks it is better to give the cash to billionaires

While US politicians work out ways to give tax payer money to billionaires, the Chinese are pouring cash into getting fusion power.

Robot commits suicide
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I think you ought to know I am feeling very depressed

A robot employed by the Gumi City Council tragically committed suicide by throwing itself off a 2-meter-long staircase.

High-end Arrow Lake CPU gets a GPU
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But Chipzilla walks away from Core Ultra 9 F CPUs

Recent leaks suggest that Intel's product strategy is shifting. They indicate that the company will not release any Core Ultra 9 F CPUs.

Apple delays significant AI launch
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Significant Apple Intelligence-based products will be next year

While the Tame Apple Press has been telling the world+dog that Jobs’ Mob’s AI is the best and all others smell of Nintendo, the fruity cargo cult is yet to get a product to market. Now, it looks like it will be even later than expected.

New Firefox out
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10 July 2024

New Firefox out

Version 128

Mozilla has released version 128 of the Firefox web browser with a new range of features.

Court charges 15 schoolchildren over AI deepfakes
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Generated images of female classmates

A court in south-west Spain has sentenced 15 schoolchildren to a year’s probation for creating and spreading AI-generated images of their female classmates.

Twitter’s growth has flatlined since Musk took over
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Worth every penny

Growth of Twitter’s user base has reportedly flatlined since Elon [look at me] Musk took over.

Reform UK accused of running fake candidates
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Alarms sounded over missing internet profiles

Far-right Reform UK has been accused of running General Election candidates who don’t exist.