While putting the boot into US tech why doesn’t the EU fine Apple too?
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Comment: It does the same sort of thing

The European Commission had solid antitrust reasons for fining Google $5 billion for violations including the bundling of certain apps with the Android operating system, but from a consumer's point of view it should also be gunning for Jobs’ Mob.

Microsoft leaps seconds ahead of Apple
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It seems to have better developers

While the fruity cargo cult Apple's software developers have difficulty making software which can handle daylight saving and moving time zones, Microsoft is looking at introducing leap-seconds to its operating system.

Apple's new MacBook is so hot it has to be throttled
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High powered chip is a complete waste of cash

The Tame Apple Press has been singing the praises of Apple’s latest 15-inch MacBook Pro refresh with the Core i9-8950HK six-core processor crammed inside, but what Apple fanboys are not being told is that the chip gets so hot that it has to be throttled.

Apple experiencing hard times in India
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And it will not reduce its prices

After Apple failed to make a significant dent in China, it looked to the more populous India to make up the cash. However there are indications that all is not well in the ancient land.

Apple loses the plot - makes a  $6,699 laptop
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Which rivals sell for $3,134.94

Fruity cargo cult Apple is continuing its policy of making its users pay double for technology which can be found elsewhere without the "superior" programming of Apple's iOS.

Apple person arrested for trying to flog its tech to the Chinese
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Would have bought Chinese self-driving car industry to a halt

An Apple employee has been arrested for trying to single handledly bring the Chinese self-driving car industry to a halt, by selling Jobs' Mob technology.

Apple rumoured to be updating at last
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Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects Apple hardware to enter the 21st century 

The fruity cargo cult Apple appears to have heard the snark over it never updating its hardware products and is apparently working on updates across its entire product line for the second half of 2018.

Convicted cartel Apple faces another antitrust case
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Japanse worried about Apple's sales methods

Japanese regulators are investigating if Apple may have breached antitrust rules by forcing mobile service providers to sell its iPhones cheaply and charge higher monthly fees, denying Apple Fanboys a fair choice.

iOS 11.4 draining iPhone battery
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Apple's programming geni strike again

Apple support forums are rather hacked off that the iOS 11.4 update appears to be resulting in a battery drain.

Apple's China appeasement broke the iPhone
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Problems with the politics of desperation

Dedicated followers of the fruity cargo cult Apple are paying for their company's decision to prop up its Chinese market by censoring iPhone Apps.