Apple wins appeal against Optis
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Ironically claimed Optis Wireless Technology was making unfair royalty demands

A federal judge tossed a $506.2 million damages award against Apple after ruling the iPhone maker should have been able to argue that patent owner Optis Wireless Technology was making unfair royalty demands.

UK automatic COVID tracing hits yet another snag
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More comedy

The UK’s comedy contact tracing app fiasco has continued to hit the headlines.  Now an update has been blocked from Apple and Google’s app stores

FTC did not appeal against Qualcomm to the Supreme Court
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Decided not to pursuit 

The four year legal battle is over. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has decided not to appeal the 9th Circuit's decision, against the claim that Qualcomm's business model and practice were anti-competitive. To refresh your memory, the verdict that included a vote from three judges was unanimous in Qualcomm's favor.

Apple tries to mine Facebook data
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Facebook says no

Apple is so desperate to win its antitrust case with Epic it is hitting up other big tech empires in the hope it can dig up some dirt.

Apple loses Swatch blasphemy case
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Used the sacred words of Steve Jobs in vain

Fruity cargo cult Apple has got its knickers in a twist over the watchmaker Swatch's use of the phrase "one more thing" in its advertising.

Brazil fines Apple for selling a phone without a charger
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But that is so innovative

Brazil's consumer protection agency Procon-SP has fined Apple nearly $1.92 million for selling the iPhone without a charger.

Apple faces music over butterflies
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Borked by design 

A US judge has decided that the fruity cargo cult Apple must face a class action law suit over its borked butterfly keyboard design

Developer sues Apple over antitrust
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Makes billions from small developers

Mobile app developer Kosta Eleftheriou, who publicly called out Apple earlier this year for negligence over-policing iOS scams and copycat apps on the App Store, has filed a lawsuit against the fruity cargo cult.

French surrender to Apple over privacy enhancements
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Nothing to suggest that it is a move by an evil monopoly

The French Competition Authority refused to tell Apple to hold off implementing the changes, which will stop apps tracking iPhone and iPad users without their explicit consent, or force Apple to negotiate with app developers.

I’m a Mac guy mocks Macs
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Intel shows Justin Long has converted

Intel has hired Apple’s former “I’m a Mac” actor Justin Long to create new ads praising PCs.