Apple hacker outfit hacked
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Tame Apple Press celebrates

The Tame Apple Press is claiming that a minor hack of a company which dares to make iPhone unlocking boxes has suffered divine retribution from the ghost of Steve Jobs after it suffered a minor breach.

Apple insists suppliers sacrifice their profits
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The needs of Apple are more important than suppliers. 

There is evidence that Apple is leaning on its suppliers to give it more discounts to push up its margins to keep the company looking like it is making significant money with fewer sales. 

Apple's Shazam bid worries EU
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EU opens investigation

The EU is worried that the convicted anti-trust cartel owner Apple might be up to its old tricks again.

TSMC cuts growth forecast
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Weaker smartphone demand

TSMC has cut its revenue growth forecast for 2018 to 10 percent from the previously estimated 10-15 percent  claiming that there is weaker than expected smartphone demand and growing uncertainty facing the cryptocurrency mining market.

Microsoft runs out of Windows phones
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End of an error

Microsoft has finally run out of stock of its Windows phone finally ending something which should have been a good device.

Chipzilla loses its specs
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Tame Apple Press claims Intel is short sighted

Intel has walked away from its Vaunt smart glasses and closing the group responsible for wearable devices.

FCC broadband panel chair arrested in $250 million fraud case
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FCC boss Ajit Pai appears to have built his own swamp

The former chair of a panel organised by FCC boss Ajit Pai to advise the agency on broadband matters has been arrested for alleged fraud. Elizabeth Ann Pierce, the former CEO of Quintillion Networks, was appointed by Pai last April to chair the committee.

Apple won’t do 5G in 2019
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Not an early adopter

Apple is known for not being an early adopter when it comes to new wireless standards. According to people close to the matter, Apple 2019 iPhone won’t have 5G capability. Intel might even be ready with its 5G PC solution.

Apple's Siri starts telling jokes
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It is as terrible as you would expect

Fruity cargo cult Apple has decided that no one will notice how bad its out of date AI Sir is if they allow her to start telling jokes.

Apple starts pulling support for 32 bit apps
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Backwards compatiblity is for proper computers

Apple has begun warning its users that their favourite 32-bit apps will soon not work on MacOS.