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Nvidia spends 5 million on Ubisoft deal

by on02 October 2013

Assassin’s Creed 5 and Watch Dogs

Nvidia has close ties with Ubisoft and every now and then it tries to voice its support for 4K gaming.

We do know that Nvidia already has some Assassin’s creed demos with 4K textures that are supposed to look amazing as Nvidia agrees with AMD thinking that future of gaming is in 4K gaming.

Our industry sources now tell us that it’s just AMD spending serious bucks on the Battlefield 4 deal. It turns out that the guys behind The way it’s meant to be played and Nvidia ISV (independent software vendor) relationship have spent about $5 million on their Ubisoft deal.

It involves two games, Assassins Creed 5 and Watch Dogs and our sources tell us that AMD was looking into a similar deal with Ubisoft, but it walked away simply as they believed that spending a similar or slightly higher amount on an AAA shooter like Battlefield 4 was a better deal – plus BF4 is the first game to support AMD’s new Mantle API, so it just made more sense.

The PC game industry cannot be happier, as two top companies are competing for attention, practically courting developer and publishers.

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