Versal Adaptable is a monolithic chip
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Xilinx plays with 3D packaging since 2008

Victor Peng, the CEO of Xilinx, has just announced that the 35 billion transistor Versal is a monolithic chip. Without saying the exact number, he did mention that at 7nm, the Versal 7nm 35 billion transistor chip is smaller than traditional GPUs.

SK Telecom adopts Xilinx Alveo cards
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Datacenter Accelerator against theft

Xilinx and SK Telecom announced that SK Telecom had adopted Xilinx Alveo Datacenter Accelerator cards. The cards have an important job to power a real-time AI-based physical intrusion and theft detection service.

Every under-display fingerprint phones could suffer from Samsung S10 / Note 10 issue
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The optical sensor as vulnerable as ultrasonic

There has been some coverage over the under-display fingerprint with Samsung S10 / Note 10 issue. Samsung officially stated:

Intel taped out, booted discrete GPU
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Codename DG1 is alive CEO confirms

Intel’s CEO Bob Swan has provided the financial community an update on its good Q3 2019 financial performance and mentioned a few recent milestones. In this quarter, Q3 19, Intel achieved power on exit for the first discrete GPU.

Core i9-9900KS Special Edition is out
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$513 shipping October 30

Intel announced that Core i9 9900KS would ship at the end of the month, and today, week 44 and the last days of October,  has revealed  all new cores to 5GHz CPU. The CPU will be available on October 30 and sell for $513. The new 9900KS CPU should be an ultimate gaming powerhouse as all eight cores work at 5GHz and base clock of 4 GHz. Europeans will have to count out 550 Euro for the KS.

Minix launches fanless NEO G41V-4
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And upgradable NEO J50C-4 with Pentium J5005

Minix has released two very interesting systems, one fanless with a 6W TDP Celeron and one with a Pentium J5005 both from the Gemini Lake generation, and both now come with 64GB storage out of the box and support M2 SSDs.

SiFive launches U8 series core
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Chief architect: 2X area efficiency vs. ARM, 3.1 X faster from U7 gen

SiFive is a company founded by the inventors of RISC-V, and the company of now 550 employees is focusing on providing commercial RISC-V Processor IP and Silicon Solutions has just announced its next generation microarchitecture.

Where is the Samsung Galaxy Book S?
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Snapdragon 8CX yet to ship

Samsung was the first to announce a Snapdragon 8CX design and promised to ship the system this fall, but so far, we haven’t seen any preorders taking place.

Intel reveals Tremont 10nm microarchitecture
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Chief architect: Expect 30 to 40 percent uplift

Intel has shared a few more details about the Intel Tremont low power Microarchitecture at the Linley Fall Processor Conference in Santa Clara and we had the chance to chat with Stephen Robinson, Senior Principal Engineer and Intel Tremont Chief Architect.

Control game makes ray tracing an easy sell
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The future of PC gaming available today

Real-time ray tracing is the biggest leap in computer graphics since programmable pixel shading on the NVIDIA GeForce 3 (NV20) in 2001. What used to be a dream for every computer graphics software developer became a reality in August of 2018 with NVIDIA's Turing architecture.