Apple could have used Qualcomm modems for 2018 iPhones
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Investigation: Chose Not To

Apple COO Jeff Williams’ testimony in the FTC Trial, that Qualcomm did not want to sell modems to Apple, appears misleading. Bloomberg’s Ian King viewed emails between Qualcomm’s CEO, Steve Molenkopf, and Apple’s COO, Jeff Williams, and from his article, it was rather clear that negotiations were ongoing, and that Qualcomm wanted to sell modems despite the licensing dispute.

Qualcomm has 30+ 5G designs
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Qualcomm RF front end too

CES 2019 press conferences are firing in series and this is traditionally one of the business weeks in the year. Qualcomm took the time to announce quite a few Automotive breakthroughs and the fact that they power 30+ 5G designs expected in 2019.

Tesla 3 in Europe starts at €59,280
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Deliveries in March

Tesla 3's alleged $35.000 car is available for left hand drivingin  Europe and in Austria it starts at €59,280 or almost double the Elon’s distortion reality promised price.

IBM COO of AI and Quantum talks 2019
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Decision making, automation, trusted and reasoning

Dario Gil, chief operating officer of IBM’s AI and quantum computing has shared what was the big thing in 2018 and what might be big with AI in 2019. AI will be easier to use, complementing expert networks and  AI automation

Qualcomm posts bonds to enforce iPhone 7 / 8 Germany ban
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Investigative dive: Apple or 3400 distributors cannot sell 7 or 8

Qualcomm has posted a bond to enforce an iPhone 7 / 8 Germany ban and affecting immediately Apple or its 3400 distributors which are not allowed to sell, distributive or import iPhone 7 or 8 and plus variants of both. Apple has been in dispute with Qualcomm over licensing and lost the hardware patent case in a German court in Munich on December 20th, 2018. After Qualcomm posted a bond, the permanent injunction is immediately enforceable.

US starts glorious ten year plan for Quantum computing
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IBM, Intel, and Co to benefit

President Donald Trump took time from his tweeting on December 21 to sign a bi-partisan law on AI

Apple's loss to Qualcomm in Germany means iPhone destruction
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Deeper dive: Germany can even arrest executives

Last week’s ruling in a district court in Munich, Germany is about a hardware patent named tracking envelope and it affects the  iPhone 7, 8 and 8 Plus. This is a tough defeat for Apple as while it can issue an OS update and remove the features in software and fix the China ruling,  it cannot stop using Qualcomm hardware patents in German phones.

Huawei sold 200 million phones
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Went from 103M in three years

Huawei managed to sell 200 million smartphones in 2018 - a massive increase from 103 million in 2015 or just three million in 2010. As of the first half of this year, Huawei is the world’s second biggest smartphone manufacturer overtaking Apple and leaving Samsung in the prime position.

OnePlus 5T gets Oxygen 9
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Android 9.0 Pie

A great app and a necessity for all OnePlus owners called Oxygen Updater has notified us that the OnePlus 5T has finally received the Android 9.0 aka Pie update. The app is available on the Google Play Store.

A new Intel has a fresh perspective
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Take away: Strong leaders can motivate

Jim Keller, Murthy and Raja Koduri are very prominent names in the chip industry but it is very important to underline that Intel has many thousands of employees  and most of them being quite good in what they are doing. It won’t be Keller that will fix Intel’s CPU and its overall SoC design and Raja who is slated to fix the whole architecture, software stack and GPU, or Murthy that will fix the fabs and IoT / servers.