ARM ACPC 2020 to be 2.5x times faster
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Compared to Cortex A75 Spectint

ARM has shared part of the Always connected PC roadmap that is currently only executed by Qualcomm Snapdragon, and also showed some expected performance projections of the 7nm and 5nm parts.

Next gen 2019 Snapdragon PC goes multi OS
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Chrome to join Windows 10

Miguel Nunes, a senior director of product management at Qualcomm, took the stage at one of the ARM TechCon presentations and shared details about the 2019 always connected Snapdragon PC. ACPC stands for Always connected PC.

ARM has a new infrastructure roadmap
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Neoverse 7nm, 7+ and 5nm by 2021

Drew Henry, an SVP and the general manager of the infrastructure line of business at ARM, went on stage at the San Jose ARM Tech 2018 conference and revealed a new roadmap featuring new codenames and plans all the way to 5nm Poseidon core in 2021. It will be branded as Neoverse.

Intel 10nm shipping inside of NUC
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Crimson Canyon

A certain number of Intel NUC SKUs have 10nm processors inside and they are codenamed Crimson Canyon. This was confirmed to us by Brandt Guttridge, general manager of desktop product marketing, at the last Intel desktop event and the only other notebook machine that features 10nm is the Lenovo Ideapad 330 notebook, available only in China. 

9th Gen Z390 chipset supports AC WIFI
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14nm and USB 3.1

The new chipset that will accommodate the Intel 9th generation Core processors based on 14nm++ has brought two new features. Intel has introduced WiFi integration on the chipset level as well as USB 3.1 gen 2 support out of the box.

Intel's Bob Swan secretly wants the CEO job
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Exclusive: Murthy a serious candidate too

Well informed sources close to the matter have confirmed that despite publicly denying it, Bob Swan of Intel secretly wants the CEO job. The only other serious candidate within Intel is ex-Qualcomm's  Dr. Venkata (Murthy) Renduchintala, group president of the Technology, Systems Architecture & Client Group, and chief engineering officer at Intel.

Xilinx announced PCIe Alveo AI accelerator
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Data center beat Nvidia Volta on latency and inference  

The Xilinx CEO has just introduced a new product category called the Alveo PCIe based hardware accelerator that will challenge machine learning data center compute accelerators. It has dramatically better latency compared to Nvidia or AMD's GPU based solution, it's claimed.

AMD 30 percent market gain won’t happen
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Now Wall Street realizes

AMD is the second best x86 maker out of two, and this is how things will remain. The recent rumors and prediction by fellow analysts and journalists that AMD can win up to a third of the market is,  pure and simple, science fiction.

Xilinx codename Everest is Versal
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Swiss knife for heterogeneous AI, cloud, 5G

The wait is finally over, what Victor Peng the CEO of Xilinx announced as the Everest, will now be branded as the Versal. This is shaping up to look like the Swiss knife of heterogeneous computing, addressing some key markets including AI, cloud, network infrastructure, 5G, automotive, and much more.

Elon Musk fired as chairman of Tesla
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By SEC, still remains the CEO

Twitter is a dangerous tool and there is no going back when you are followed by millions. Due to his tweet about Tesla becoming a private company, after perhaps an ill-judged tweet, Tesla and Elon have to split a $40 million fine and Elon has to resign as chairman of the board within 60 days.