ARM’s aspiration to capture 50 percent of the PC market is optimistic
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Took AMD seven years of Zen to get 20 - 25 percent of laptop

ARM's CEO, Rene Haas, is extremely optimistic, claiming that ARM will capture 50 percent of the PC market share within five years. It has been five years since ARM introduced the Cortex X1, which, apart from the Qualcomm 8CX Gen 3, has not made a significant impact on the market.

Lunar Lake officially in Q3 24
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80 laptops, 20 OEM and 45+ TOPS NPU, fastest ever

Intel announced a bit more details about the next-generation notebook technology SoC codenamed Lunar Lake and synced it up with Microsoft’s Copilot+ announcement. Lunar Lake has new P and E cores, 1.5 times faster Battlemage graphics, 45+ TOPS NPU and an additional 60 TOPS from the GPU, advanced low power, and most importantly performance faster than Ryzen 7 8840U & Snapdragon X Elite. 

Qualcomm officially announces Snapdragon X Elite and Plus
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20 systems, big OEMs, and available June 18

Snapdragon X Elite based on Oryon cores and Nuvia acquisition has finally reached its pinnacle moment. Qualcomm announced its Snapdragon X platform as a heart of a Copilot+ PC, OEM designs and availability a day before Microsoft Build. To sum it up, there will be seven major OEMs, with twenty systems in the first wave, available for preorder today, and shipping June 18.

Google launches Pixel 8a
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$499 for 128GB same camera setup

After numerous leaks Google has officially launched a new iteration of price affordable Pixel 8a phone and kept the $499 / €549 starting price.

GoPro launches new subscription plans and Quik App for Mac
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Innovative strategy for the segment

GoPro is taking an innovative approach to its market segment by investing heavily in cloud storage. While competitors like Insta360 are catching up regarding camera features, GoPro has divided its previous $49 subscription plan into three-tier models. The Quik app debuted for Mac, but PC users are still waiting.

Apple extends its 5G modem licensing with Qualcomm
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To last through March 2027 is a big day for QTL

Qualcomm has announced its Q1 fiscal 2024 results and is back to growth. The restructuring is working out, as the company announced $9.92 billion in revenues and $2.77 billion in net income, exceeding the high end of the company's guidance. A significant announcement of a great quarter result is that Apple will use Qualcomm's 5G licensing at least until the end of Q1 2027.

Asus confirms NUC Extreme is no more
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Would be competing with Asus ROG Strix

Asus' spokesperson has confirmed that the company won't have an update to the NUC Extreme 7.5 liter device. The Raptor Canyon remains the last NUC of its kind, as Asus has ROG Strix systems in the same ballpark.

Phison ensures PCIe 5.0 E26 drives are ok passively cooled
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As long as there is some breeze

The storage market has always been interesting and dynamic, one that poked attention over the last few decades. At CES, I got to meet with Chris P Ramseyer, a director of technology marketing at Phison, and shortly after William Harmon, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Sabrent.

Qualcomm Oryon CPU beats Apple M2 Max in a single thread
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Matches i9-13980Hx in multi-thread

Qualcomm's CEO Christiano Amon just announced the Qualcomm Oryon CPU, a part of the Snapdragon X PC platform. This twelve-core 4nm CPU is based on Nuvia architecture and should be a very efficient design.

Intel starts high-volume EUV Intel 4 production in Ireland
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Big win for Europe

A moment ago, Intel´s CEO Pat Gelsinger announced the start of high-volume manufacturing on the Intel 4 process technology at Fab 34 in Leixlip, Ireland.