Xiaomi Mi A3 arrives tomorrow
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Pure Android experience

Tomorrow July 17th at 1 PM Central European Time, Xiaomi Spain will sell the Xiaomi A3 phone. A few recent leaks revealed that the phone comes with an updated Snapdragon 665 chipset and Spanish customers will be able to pick it up without a shipping fee for the first 24 hours.

Asus announces ROG Phone II
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Snapdragon 855 Plus based

Qualcomm just announced the Snapdragon 855 Plus that features 15 percent faster GPU, and Asus just announced its first ROG Phone II.

Snapdragon 855 Plus announced
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Gaming phones and VR target

Qualcomm has decided to announce an updated version of its flagship Snapdragon 855 7nm chip. It is simply called Snapdragon 855 Plus. The CPU is about four percent faster while the GPU gets a saucy 15 percent boost. It is clear that gaming phone manufacturers and VR enthusiast platform builders will be all over it.

Apple gives up on VR and AR
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Too hard

ThefFruity cargo-cult Apple has decided that augmented virtual reality is not going to be super, cool, and game-changing, and it has given up on the project.

First customers getting Versal ACAP
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7nm first adaptive compute platform

Xilinx has confirmed that the Versal, product developed under Everest condemned was taped out last year, and today the company has confirmed that the first tier-one customers are getting the first Versal AI core products.

Radeon 5700 Navi doesn’t have Ray tracing
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A different angle look

The Navi paper-launched when I was still in sunny Tuscany taking a break from the tech, but here are some of the things that have caught my attention. No Ray tracing, no high end, and only performance/mainstream, not much benefit from 7nm, and nine months late to fight 2070 are just a part of it.

Intel hires chief architect of Xbox One
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Scorpio, and Scarlett SoCs

Our knowledgeable sources have whispered that Intel has hired John Sell, a chap who was the chief architect of Xbox One, Scorpio, and Scarlett SoCs. John joined as an Intel Fellow to work on security.

Xilinx 7nm Versal taped out last year
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37B transistor chip sampling in weeks

The transformation of Xilinx took the company’ revenue to over three billion for the first time in history, and the big bets that CEO Victor Peng made are starting to pay off. Victor confirmed at the recent company’s financial analyst event that a 7nm chip codenamed Everest and branded as Versal was taped out last year.

Intel working to bring IDF back
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This year 

Well informed sources close to the matter have informed us that Intel is working in bringing the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) back. It even might come back as soon as later this year.

Lenovo showcases a 5G Snapdragon 8cx PC
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Computex 19: X55 modem inside, pictured

Qualcomm and Lenovo showcased the world’s first 5G PC at Computex. The PC is based on Qualcomm’s 8cx platform and comes with additional 5G connectivity. Lenovo calls this design "Project Limitless", based on world’s first 7nm platform purpose-built for PCs.