Raja Koduri announces OneAPI launch in Q4 19
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28X improvement in deep leering 

It is easy to forget about the software behind the hardware that everyone gets excited about, but without drivers, OS, and general API support, there would not be any platform.

Raja points out Nvidia and AMD datacenter weakness
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GPU only strategy, or tiny software ecosystem

As a part of its software update and a One API strategy announcement Raja Koduri, the SVP of Intel architecture, graphics and software took time to mention two main competitors and used green for the company that has a GPU centric strategy and red for the company that has both a CPU and GPU.

Lakefield 10nm PCB pictured
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Intel foldables and detachable CPU in late 2019

We had a chance to see the Lakefield up and running in December 2018, and it was the first time Intel showed a 10nm Hybrid CPU running a 7-Zip and taking full advantage of the AES 256 instruction. This was enough to run 75 percent faster than any other Intel Core processor.

Intel expects 7nm in 2021
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7nm data center GPU confirmed

Intel has provided a financial analyst community update about its 10nm and, it even mentioned 7nm for 2021, touching beyond that. The first 7nm from Intel seems to be a 7nm general purpose GPU.

Intel 10nm CPU to ship in June
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Ice lake 10nm on shelves for holidays

Unless you have been living under a rock, you were aware that Intel is years behind its original 10nm transition. Luckily, Intel’s Murthy has confirmed that the 10nm CPU will start shipping in June.

European patent office nominates Qualcomm VP
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Lifetime achievement award finalist

Qualcomm Engineer Dr. Marta Karczewicz has been nominated for a lifetime achievement award from European patent office.

FTC Qualcomm case looks shattered
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Apple and Intel now need Qualcomm

The last few weeks were very active for Qualcomm, Apple, and Intel and the first two have finally settled their licensing differences. Intel decided to leave the 5G smartphone business due to the delays and business-related decisions, but FTC judge Koh is still expected to reach a verdict on the Qualcomm-FTC case.

Xilinx made $3.06 billion in 2019
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CEO Victor Peng made the difference

Xilinx announced that at the end of its fiscal year 2019 the company reached record revenues of $3.06 billion for the fiscal year 2019, up 24 percent from the previous fiscal year. The three pillar strategy is playing out, with the data center first but it is clear that the company has AI, networking and 5G well embedded in its roadmap.

AMD in PlayStation 5 is no surprise
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We knew it five + years ago

The story is straightforward. Ever since Playstation One, Sony didn’t want to use Nvidia for various reasons nor did Nvidia wantto settle for low console margins offered by Sony.

Qualcomm announces 75 5G designs
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In May 2019

The 5G networks around the world have just started booting up and Qualcomm’s President Cristiano Amon was happy to tell us that there are 75 5G design wins in the pipeline.