Qualcomm 5G NR Solution for Small Cells out
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FSM100xx industry’s first

Qualcomm has announced the industry’s first 5G NR solution targeted for small cells and remote radio head deployments (FSM100xx).

Qualcomm and Facebook team for 60GHz 802.11 ay WiFi
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802.11 ay mmWave, 10 Gbps+ speeds

It is not every day you hear that Facebook and Qualcomm go out out in public announcing a plan to work together to deliver high speed internet connectivity with Facebook Terragraph technology through the development of a multi-node wireless system based on 60GHz technology from Qualcomm. This can result in 10Gbps speeds.

OnePlus 6 available in US and Europe
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Shipping in seven days

One of the hottest phones out of China that won the hearts of many European and USA consumers, OnePlus 6, just started shipping.

Xiaomi Mi8 to launch May 31
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2,799 Yuan, €370 or $440

It looks like the Xiaomi MI7 might end up being called Mi8 - after all. China based companies sometimes don’t care about consistency as Huawei went from P9 to P20 as it appeared appropriate.

Wozniak goes after Tesla self driving ambiguities
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We are developers 2018: Don't trust Elon Musk

Last week at the We are developers 2018 Vienna conference, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak had the chance to address 4,000 attendee’s life and almost all of the 8,000 attendees were watching the keynote via a video link overflow. What caught our eye was that Wozniak has a lot of disagreements with Musk.

Rimac confirms no mainstream car
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At the Vienna We Are developers 2018 conference

Mate Rimac, the CEO of the new 400 people Rimac automobiles company, confirmed at the "Vienna We are" developers' conference that you should not expect a mainstream car from the company anytime soon.

Qualcomm supports WPA3 wireless security
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Most secure Wi-Fi network in the industry

Back at Mobile World Congress 2018, Qualcomm announced 2x2 802.11ax-ready solution for smartphones and a few days back it announced that this and the future wireless platform will support the new WPA3 security protocol.

Nvidia and AMD to suffer from crypto downturn
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This quarter and going forward

A year ago we had a conversation with one of the knowledgeable people about graphics and back then we were warned that the Ethereum rise is most likely something that will backfire for graphics card manufacturers.

Alibaba gets Xilinx FPGA for its F3 cloud
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Faster deep learning and IO

Back in October 2017 Alibaba, a $502,179 billion company announced that it had chosen Xilinx for next generation FPGA acceleration in their public cloud.   

Non 5G Kirin 980 is Cortex A75 in 7nm
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5G Focus on AI 

Huawei has its Kirin chips for its phones and later this year it plans to launch its first 7nm TSMC based Kirin 980.