Biostar confirms Ryzen 3000 support
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For older boards

Motherboard maker Biostar has confirmed Ryzen 3000 support for previous 300 (X370, B350, A320) and 400 (X470) series motherboards.

AMD confirms Q3 2019 launch for Zen 2 and Navi
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3rd Gen Ryzen, EPYC, and Radeon VII+Navi, all in Q3

During its annual shareholder meeting, AMD has confirmed that its 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs, 2nd Gen EPYC, and Navi-based graphics cards, will all launch in Q3 2019.

AMD to stream "Next Horizon Gaming" event at E3 2019
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As well as the Computex 2019 keynote

AMD has announced its new "Next Horizon Gaming" event that will take place at the E3 2019 show on June 10th, which will be live-streamed. It has also announced that the Computex 2019 keynote on May 27th will be live-streamed as well.

AMD releases Radeon Software 19.5.1 driver
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One to have for RAGE 2

AMD has released its latest Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.5.1 driver which brings optimizations for RAGE 2 game as well as adds support for Windows 10 May 2019 Update, Instruction Tracing for Radeon GPU Profiler, and brings several bug fixes.

AMD might release new Polaris based Radeons
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Radeon RX 640 and Radeon RX 630

AMD might have a surprise release of a new series of Radeon graphics cards based on Polaris in the works.

AMD Zen 2-based 3rd gen Ryzen ES chip spotted
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A 16-core chip running at 4.2GHz Boost clock

An engineering sample of AMD's Zen 2-based 3rd generation Ryzen CPU has been spotted online, showing a 16-core chip with 3.3GHz base and 4.2GHz Boost clocks, and running on AM4 X570 motherboard.

Raja Koduri announces OneAPI launch in Q4 19
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28X improvement in deep leering 

It is easy to forget about the software behind the hardware that everyone gets excited about, but without drivers, OS, and general API support, there would not be any platform.

Raja points out Nvidia and AMD datacenter weakness
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GPU only strategy, or tiny software ecosystem

As a part of its software update and a One API strategy announcement Raja Koduri, the SVP of Intel architecture, graphics and software took time to mention two main competitors and used green for the company that has a GPU centric strategy and red for the company that has both a CPU and GPU.

Biostar shows off A68N-2100E SoC motherboard
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Powered by AMD’s E1-2150 Processor and Radeon HD8210 graphics

Motherboard, graphics cards and storage device maker Biostar has released its A68N-2100E SoC Motherboard featuring a compact mini-ITX form-factor powered by the energy efficient AMD E1-2150 Processor and Radeon HD8210 graphics.

AMD under the bonnet of the world's fastest supercomputer
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Sorry Intel you are not fast enough for the final Frontier

The world’s fastest supercomputer will be built in the US by 2021 using AMD chips.