Nvidia partners to roll out GTX 1650 with GDDR6 memory
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Should give it a decent performance boost

Nvidia is apparently preparing to give its GTX 1650 a much-needed boost with GDDR6 memory, giving it a 50 percent boost in the memory performance.

Nvidia launches GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER for laptops
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RTX 2070 SUPER and RTX 2060 notebooks from $999

Early April is clearly the time for notebook expansion, and Nvidia is no exception. The company has just announced that Top OEMs launch 100+ laptop designs with GeForce GPUs.

Microsoft expands Azure Stack Edge with Nvidia T4 Tensor Core GPU
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Cloudy future

Software King of the World Microsoft is expanding its Azure Stack Edge with Nvidia preview.

Nvidia releases Geforce 442.74 WHQL Game Ready driver
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One to have for DOOM Eternal

Nvidia has released its latest Geforce 442.74 WHQL Game Ready driver which comes with all optimizations for DOOM Eternal game.

Nvidia postpones its GTC 2020 news due to coronavirus
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Promises tons of content from researchers and developers

Nvidia has decided to postpone its GTC 2020 news for some better times and almost completely cancel the event, scaling it down to just content from researchers and developers.

2K Games pulls out of Nvidia Geforce Now
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Big hit for the service

Although there are plenty of developers and publishers eager to get on the Geforce Now train, some big names are pulling out, and the latest is 2K Games, which means that some big titles are no longer available.

Epic Games boss defends Nvidia's GeForce Now
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Not joining the rush to leave

As the number of publishers pulling out of Nvidia's GeForce Now cloud game streaming service continues to grow, the company has found an ally in Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, who vowed on Twitter to "wholeheartedly" support the company's efforts.

Nvidia shifts GPU conference online
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Huang will still deliver a key-note

The company named after a Roman vengency daemon, Nvidia, has announced it has shifted its GPU Technology Conference (GTC) to be online-only due to concerns from the coronavirus outbreak.

Nvidia rolls out a Geforce 442.50 WHQL Game Ready driver
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One to have for new season/expansions of Apex Legends, The Division 2, and ARK: Survival Evolved

Nvidia has released its latest Geforce 442.50 WHQL Game Ready graphics driver with support for some upcoming games, support for new G-Sync Compatible monitors, and a couple of bug fixes.

Nvidia Geforce Now has over one million registered users
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Promises 1500 new games

Now that the service is out of the beta phase and has officially launched, Nvidia has shared some numbers about its Geforce Now, including over one million registered users in just a few weeks since the launch.