Nvidia modifies H100 to sell it to China
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Cuts it back to avoid red tape

Nvidia has modified its AI H100 chip to get around export rules so it can be flogged to China as a “H800.”

Nvidia dusts off dual GPU cards
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At least for data centres 

Nvidia has announced a new dual-GPU product, the H100 NVL but sadly not for SLI or multi-GPU gaming.

Nvidia teams up in Microsoft Azure pact
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Nvidia cloud based services 

The maker of graphics cards named after a Roman vengence daemon, Nvidia has teamed up with the software King of the World, Microsoft.

Nvidia new Redfall Bite Back Edition GeForce RTX 40 Series Bundle now available
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Promising game from Bethesda

Nvidia has partnered up with Bethesda for its latest Redfall Bite Back Edition GeForce RTX 40 Series Bundle, which gives buyers of RTX 40 series graphics cards, desktop PC systems, and RTX 40 series laptops a $99.99 value game.

Nvidia DLSS 3 coming to Forza Horizon 5, Diablo IV, Redfall
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DLSS available in over 270 games and apps

Nvidia has confirmed that the DLSS 3 will be available in both Forza Horizon 5, Redfall, and Diablo IV, among other games as well.

Nvidia rolls out GeForce Game Ready 531.29 WHQL drivers
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One to fix the high CPU issue

Nvidia has released its latest GeForce Game Ready 531.29 WHQL driver, which brings optimizations for Atomic Heart and closed Beta of THE FINALS game with DLSS 3 support, as well as fixes some previous issues, including the higher CPU usage from NVIDIA Container when exiting a game.

Intel might have fixed Nvida’s 12VHPWR connector issues
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Stop the melt

Intel might have come up with an answer to Nvidia’s incredible melting cables issues.

Nvidia RTX 4070 rumored for April 13th launch
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Non-Ti version is just around the corner

According to the latest rumor, Nvidia could launch its next Geforce RTX 40 series SKU, the Geforce RTX 4070, on April 13th.

Nvidia faces big trouble in China
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It is still hopeful

The US government's is cracking down on the supply of chips to China is putting Nvidia between a rock and a hard place.

Nvidia could be working on yet another RTX 3060
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One based on GA104 GPU and with GDDR6X memory

According to the latest rumor, Nvidia might be working on another RTX 3060 graphics card, which would be the fourth version to date.