AMD partners have freedom with RX 5600 XT specifications
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Higher clocks, faster memory

It appears that AMD gave its AIB partners a lot of freedom when it comes to RX 5600 XT specifications and some versions have been spotted with a higher game and boost clocks as well as faster 14Gbps memory.

Nvidia says some RTX 2060 are available at $299.99
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Price drops in Europe down to €299

Although there is still no official price cut for the RTX 2060, the recent introduction of the EVGA RTX 2060 KO, has pushed other Nvidia AIC partners to lower the price down to $299.99, and the same thing is happening in Europe with the price dropping down to €299.

EVGA brings fight to RX 5600 XT with RTX 2060 KO Edition
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With $300 MSRP

While Nvidia is still officially waiting for the RX 5600 XT to launch, EVGA has launched a pre-emptive strike in the form of Geforce RTX 2060 KO, which will be available with an MSRP of $300, just $20 above the RX 5600 XT.

Nvidia announces new Orin SoC with Arm Hercules CPU cores and next-gen GPU
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Part of the Drive AGX Oring software-defined AV platform for 2022

Nvidia has unveiled its newest Orin SoC at the GTC China, the one that will be a part of the Nvidia Drive AGX Orin, a highly advanced software-defined platform for autonomous vehicles and robots, and feature ARM Hercules CPU cores as well as Nvidia's next-gen GPU.

Nvidia releases Geforce 441.66 graphics driver
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One to have for MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries and Detroit Become Human

Nvidia has released its latest Geforce 441.66 WHQL Game Ready driver which adds day-0 optimizations for MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries and Detroit: Become Human, as well as fix some bugs and adds support for two more G-SYNC Compatible monitors.

Nvidia newest Geforce driver is for Halo: Reach and Quake II RTX 1.2
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Geforce 441.41 WHQL Game Ready driver

Nvidia has released its latest Geforce 441.41 WHQL Game Ready graphics driver which brings day-1 support for Halo: Reach and Quake II RTX v1.2 games, as well as some new features and bug fixes.

Nvidia gobbles up add-in board share
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While market continues to soar

Jon Peddie research said that sales of add-in boards boomed in the third quarter of this year, increasing by 42 percent compared to the third quarter.

Sub-$900 GeForce PC capable of 1080p ray tracing
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Analysis: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ray tracing angle 

Nvidia’s Turing architecture has brought real-time ray tracing to consumers, and last year’s Battlefield V was the flagship game supporting this technology, which was previously reserved for professional graphics and off-line rendering for decades.

Nvidia's Super GPUs for mobile gaming arrive early next year
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Leak shows Nvidia counter-attack

Nvidia may be preparing to deliver a performance boost to the mobile computing market to see off AMD's mobile push.

Nvidia brings new Geforce 441.20 WHQL driver
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Game Ready for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Stormland

Nvidia has released its latest Geforce 441.20 WHQL-certified graphics driver which brings optimizations for the upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Stormland games, as well as new support for a couple of G-SYNC Compatible displays, and several bug fixes.