Nvidia's dirty deeds done dirt cheap
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GPU cartel allegations

Nvidia has been accused of holding back orders of AI GPUs to customers who are seeing other suppliers.

Nvidia boss says kids don't need to code
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Focus on making stuff instead

Nvidia boss Jensen Huang has gone against the grain of tech bosses telling youngsters to learn how to code.

Micron starts volume production of HBM3E
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Starts sampling 36GB 12-High HBM3E

Micron has announced it has begun volume production of the HBM3E (High Bandwidth Memory 3E) solution, which should bring superior performance, exceptional efficiency, as well as seamless scalability.

AMD’s Medusa might turn Nvidia to stone
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Dark satanic rumour mill suggests it might be worth the wait

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn suggesting that AMD’s Medusa chip might be really good.

Nvidia still worried about Huawei
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Fighting over new ground

Buried in yesterday’s filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission was an indication that Nvidia still saw Huawei as a significant threat.

Nvidia releases new control panel called NVIDIA App
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New Geforce 551.61 WHQL driver with RTX HDR in tow

Nvidia has finally released the new NVIDIA App, a more modern control panel, which, unlike the Geforce Experience app, does not need you to create an Nvidia account. In addition, Nvidia has released the new Geforce 551.61 WHQL driver, which brings RTX HDR and support for the new NVIDIA App control panel.

Intel wants to make AMD chips at IFS
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For Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Google as well

During the IFS Direct Connect 2024 event, Intel's CEO, Pat Gelsinger, answered a couple of questions from the members of the press, including a rather peculiar one from Tom's Hardware hack, Paul Alcorn, where Intel CEO expressed hope that customers for Intel Foundry Services will include Nvidia, Qualcomm, Google, and even AMD.

Nvidia is getting hotter than a 2018 GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
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GPU company's results are on fire

Nvidia says it's on fire with its AI chips and expects even more growth.

Nvidia’s big cheese pokes fun at OpenAI’s price tag
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Handbags at dawn 

In a cheeky jibe at the World Governments Summit in Dubai, Nvidia’s head honcho, Huang, had a right laugh when asked how many GPU chips one could nab with a few trillion quid.

Nvidia’s CUDA faces a worthy foe
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AMD’s stealthy gambit

AMD has made a significant move in the world of GPU software development by introducing a solution that bridges the gap between its ROCm technology and NVIDIA’s CUDA binaries.