Nvidia says fix for Battlefield V DXR performance is coming
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With a new driver and upcoming Battlefield V update

Nvidia has promised a fix for Battlefield V's raytracing performance with the next game update and Nvidia's driver, promising up to a 50 percent boost.

Nvidia unleashes the 130 TFLOPs Titan RTX
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Coming later this month for a cool $2,499

Just as teased earlier, Nvidia has officially announced the new Titan RTX graphics, providing an impressive 130 Tensor TFLOPs performance and packing 24GB of GDDR6 memory.

Nvidia Uses AI to render virtual worlds in real time
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Still has a few problems

The company named after a Roman chaos daemon claims its AI models can now draw new worlds without using traditional modelling techniques or graphics rendering engines.

Intel talks up its GPU plans
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Larabee may half not bee, but Intel still wants something to be

Intel has been talking about its cunning plan to enter the discrete GPU market, after deciding its much hyped and quickly forgotten Larabee project should not include bee after it was stung by a hive of bee puns.

Gigabyte goes for mini-ITX RTX 2070 as well
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Keeps all the ports

It appears there is indeed a market for mini-ITX high-end graphics card as after MSI, Gigabyte's Geforce RTX 2070 has been spotted online.

3DMark for DirectX Raytracing comes in January 2019
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3DMark Port Royal

UL Benchmarks has announced that its newest benchmark for ray tracing will be coming in January 2019, dubbed 3DMark Port Royal.

Nvidia bundles Battlefield V with RTX series graphics cards
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The new "Game On. Game RTX" bundle

Nvidia and its partners have launched the new "Game On. Game RTX" bundle which gives a free copy of the new Battlefield V game with the purchase of Geforce RTX series graphics card.

Nvidia signs deal with Chinese electric vehicle startups
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Chinese self-driving cars get Nvidia chips

The company named after a Roman vengeance daemon, Nvidia, has signed separate deals with Chinese electric vehicle startups XPeng Motors, Singulato Motors and SF Motors to develop an autonomous driving technology.

Nvidia stock dropped for the wrong reason
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Analysis: Crypto drop was inevitable

Crypto currencies are rather volatile and most people reading this are very well aware of that. The fact that it could cause Nvidia stock to drop by more than 30 percent is ridiculous as obviously, the finance community didn’t do its homework well. Long term betters on Nvidia should bet on two things, AI and Automotive, backed up by strong and stable gaming.

Turing RT cores are made for AI
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Great that they can do Ray Tracing

Graphics experts very close to what's happening have shared an interesting thesis that helped Nvidia justify the transistors spent in Turing RT cores. It is all about AI and the next generation data workloads.