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Russia and China are key to desktop graphics survival

by on12 September 2011

US and EU off course
You imagine that things went bad for certain industry players when people start mentioning China and Russia as the prince on the white horse who will save the graphics market from cannibalisation.

We have seen that notebooks are eating desktop graphics and that generally desktop is losing market share massively to notebooks. We expect that some notebook and netbook market share is also losing to iPad and the rest of the tablet gang. To keep things on a bright side for all who like desktop graphics, we were reminded by Nvidia executives that counties like China don't go down this integrated road and that they still buy “do it yourself” graphics card and build their own PCs.

The attach rate of desktop graphics card is at miraculously 80 percent in China and the rate in Russia is slightly less than that, but still much better than US and Europe as whole.  Last observation of big retail chains such as Best Buy can tell you the story of its own as these PC components parts of the store went from 3 shelves desktop, one shelve notebook, to three shelves (storecompartments) notebook and one desktop. The same trend is easy to spot in European retail electronics stores.

As innate human nature always seeks better, or preferable the best, there will definitely be space for desktops as the best platform for performance gaming, notebooks as a substitute for desktop but being better than tablets and phones. We can call tablets and phones good enough gaming.

You can expect full 28nm portfolio from both AMD and Nvidia with entry level to high end,so at least in 2012, desktop graphics lovers are good.

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