Ma says US should be investing in infrastructure rather than guns
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US companies making a fortune, it is just the country is wasting it propping up the rich

Alibaba founder Jack Ma slagged off the United States for wasting money on defence and the military when it should be spent on infrastructure.

Rekognition claimed 24 Congress members were criminals
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So that works then

The US Congress is up in arms when Amazon’s face recognition software, called Rekognition, identified more than two dozen members of Congress as people arrested for crimes.

US lifts ZTE ban
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16 July 2018

US lifts ZTE ban

Congress fumes

The US Commerce Department has lifted the export ban on Chinese telecommunications giant ZTE now that it has met all the terms required to get a full reprieve.

ZTE tries to appease US
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Because there is a long history of appeasement working

China’s ZTE has named a set of new top executives, including a CEO and a CFO, to comply with its deal with the United States to get a supplier ban lifted.

Xiaomi packing to set up shop in the US
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Because the Americans are a warm friendly people who welcome foreigners

Xiaomi is pressing ahead with plans to enter the United States next year despite the fact that the country's politicians are arranging neck-tie parties for Chinese companies at the moment.

US to insist foreign companies have to obey its copyright laws
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Supremes rule that your company will have to face US Justice

The United States has decided that its justice system is so superior to everyone else's that if a US company thinks you have used its patented technology you will have to travel across the planet to defend yourself in one of its kangaroo courts.

US companies investigated in China
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Begun the trade war has

In the opening Chinese shots to President Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump's trade war, US companies are suddenly finding themselves being investigated for antitrust antics behind the bamboo curtain.

US might get nasty at EU privacy laws
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What do you mean our corporations can't spy on users?

The US government is getting rather tetchy as the new GDPR privacy laws roll out.

Qualcomm NXP acquisition to close soon
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Wants assurance ZTE Corp ban gets lifted

People close to the matter claim that China warmed up to the NXP Semiconductor acquisition by Qualcomm seeking assurances that the ZTE Corp 7 year ban will get lifted by the USA.

US shut down of ZTE pulls Chinese tiger's tail
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Trade war might backfire

The US might have inadvertently sown the seeds of its technological destruction by pulling the tail of the Chinese tiger.