The US continues to slag off Huawei
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... and threaten its allies

The US government is continuing to lean on its allies to slag off the Chinese network gear maker Huawei.

China walks away from US cybersecurity truce
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Crowdstrike warning

Security outfit Crowdstrike has warned that China has largely abandoned a hacking truce negotiated by Barack Obama as payment for President Donald Trump's trade war with Beijing.

US Carriers may ignore privacy worries
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Until Trump gets his wall

US carriers will be given a free pass to do what they like with customer’s data until President Donald Trump gets his wall with Mexico and the government shutdown ends.

US starts glorious ten year plan for Quantum computing
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IBM, Intel, and Co to benefit

President Donald Trump took time from his tweeting on December 21 to sign a bi-partisan law on AI

Indians restrict US e-commerce outfits
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No affiliated companies or special discounts

US e-commerce giants have been banned by the Indian government from selling products supplied by affiliated companies on their Indian shopping sites and from offering their customers special discounts or exclusive products

US Republicans admit they were hacked
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Nothing to see here, no one needs to lose an election

The US Republican Party has admitted that it was hacked during the last election, and while members bayed for blood when the Democrats were hacked, they are surprisingly mellow now it has happened to them.

Two Iranians indicted by US for SamSam
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Don't expect them to face jail-time

US federal prosecutors have indicted two Iranian officials for creating and deploying the SamSam ransomware, which exploits a deserialisation vulnerability in Java-based servers.

US to get its own privacy bill
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Expect much Facebook and Google lobbying

The US is looking at a law which will give it the ability to collect civil penalties if a company misuses consumer data on the internet or allows it to be stolen could be drafted early next year.

Americans unhappy with social media
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Want to see regulation

A new poll suggests that the US is getting tired of social media companies and want to see the whole lot regulated.

US blacklists Huawei worldwide
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US government leans on allies

The US government is trying to persuade wireless and internet providers in allied countries to avoid telecommunications equipment from China’s Huawei Technologies.