Broadcom moves back to US
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Will be "American" two days before Qualcomm takeover bid

Singapore-based Broadcom will have redomiciled to the United States by April 3, two days before the chipmaker’s acquisition target Qualcomm's annual shareholder meeting where it is planning to mount a hostile take-over.

Xiaomi heads for the US
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Apparently, the market has room

While many see the US market as more saturated than pepperoni fried in Palm Oil, it appears that the Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi thinks there is plenty of room for another supplier  – after all, the US loves China at the moment.

ZTE hits back at US spying claims
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We ain't no Chinese spies

ZTE has counter attacked against concerns from US lawmakers that it is a vehicle for Chinese espionage, saying it was a trusted partner of its US  customers.

Big tech lobby groups soften anti-China bill
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It would hurt US business

An attempt by US politicians to harm Chinese trade has backfired after it emerged it would do more harm to IT companies who are dependent on China.

Huawei looks to UK after US snub
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The US number one spying chum has no problem

While the US claims that Huawei is a spy for the Chinese government, it seems that the UK, which does a lot of US spy work, has no problem working with the company.

US agrees to another six years of warrentless snooping
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NSA trumps civil liberties

The US Senate passed a bill to renew the National Security Agency’s warrantless internet surveillance programme for six years with minimal changes, overcoming objections from civil rights advocates that it undermined the privacy of Americans.

US jails VW executive over emissions
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Scapegoat found

A US District judge in Detroit has sentenced Oliver Schmidt, a former Volkswagen executive, to seven years in prison for his role in the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal of 2015.

US does not need court order for backdoors
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Our spies can do what they like

The increasingly autocratic oligarchic junta running the United States has decided it does not need any court order to insist that software companies give its spooks backdoor access to their products.

US is the world leader in the internet of vehicles
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IoV is a thing now

Forget the internet of things, the latest buzzword is the internet of vehicles and according to bean counters at Digitimes Research it is something that the US is the world leader.

US States must not create net neutrality laws
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FCC warns against filling the vacuum

Now that the Federal Communications Commission has ditched net neutrality rules, it has warned US states not to fill the vacuum and create laws of their own.