Apple’s China crisis continues
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Meltdown to the centre of the earth

The Fruity cargo-cult Apple’s woes in what used to be a significant market are continuing, according to the latest findings from Counterpoint Research.

Biden blocks bargain Chinese cars
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They are cheaper and better, and we can't compete so they are "insecure"

The US President, Joe Biden, is trying to stop cheap and cheerful Chinese smart cars from coming to America. The US government says it is looking into the "security implications" of letting China sell its intelligent cars, claiming that it can collect data about the drivers.

Nvidia launches Geforce RTX 4090D in China
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Cuts down the CUDA cores but leaves it with 24GB of GDDR6X memory

As rumored and expected, Nvidia has now officially launched the Geforce RTX 4090D in China. The new RTX 4090D has slightly fewer CUDA cores and fewer Tensor cores but still packs 24GB of GDDR6X memory on a 384-bit memory interface.

US probes another Chinese chip "threat"
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Worried about legacy chips now

The US has announced a probe into how its firms buy Chinese-made chips, under the unproven claim that they could pose a danger to national security.

Nvidia delays H20 in China
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That is AI and not water

Nvidia has told Chinese customers is delaying the launch of a new AI chip which it designed to comply with US export rules until the first quarter of next year.

US-China chip ban failed
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Stockpiles kept China safe for a long time

The US-China chip ban failed because the Chinese stockpiled enough chips to keep them going until they could create them locally.

China starting to ignore US chips
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Bad news for the US

Just as we predicted the US embargo against supplying chips to China has backfired and now Middle Kingdom companies are buying locally.

China holds the most cyber-security patents
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Huawei and Tencent account for six of the top 10

China's presence is growing in cybersecurity technology, with companies such as Huawei and Tencent accounting for six of the top 10 global patent holdings in the sector. 

Suppliers should buy chips sold to blacklisted Yangtze Memory Technologies back
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Do the right  thing

Blacklisted Yangtze Memory Technologies Co has asked its suppliers to buy back the chips and equipment it is forbidden to use.

Banned Chinese decryption chips used by US military
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They are even on a list 

While the US government is increasingly paranoid about Chinese hardware containing spyware, the US military does not appear to have gotten the memo.