US antics divide subsea cable market into East and West
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Returning to the cold war

The subsea cable market is in danger of dividing into eastern and western blocs as the US is putting pressure on companies to avoid Chinese ties.  

US allows South Korea and Taiwan chipmakers to sell into China
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So much for security concerns

According to the Wall Street Journal, the US government is expected to allow leading South Korea and Taiwan semiconductor manufacturers to continue and expand their chipmaking operations in China. 

Analysts warn that China will produce own semiconductors
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Will advance faster than the US expects expect

Chip industry analysts are confident that China can produce semiconductors even if the United States tries to block assess to its technology.

US China trade war hots up over Micron
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Fall out expected 

The trade war between the US and China is hotting up over the Middle Kingdom's decision to ban Micron memory products.

Micron expects revenue hit over China ban
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Losing a digital per centage after ban

Micron Technology forecast a hit to revenue in the low-single to high-single digit percentage after a ban by China on sale of its memory chips to key domestic industries.

China warns about Micron memory
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Failed to pass a cybersecurity review

China has banned Micron Technology memory chips claiming that they have failed cybersecurity tests.

India spends $2.1 billion to lure laptop makers
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You don't need China 

India has put $2.1 billion on the table to attract makers of laptops, tablets and other hardware to the South Asian nation as companies look to diversify supply chains beyond China.

Chinese software engineer charged with stealing Apple car tech
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Attempted to get the entire code

A former Apple software engineer has been charged with stealing Apple's autonomous technology for a Chinese self-driving car company, the US Department of Justice announced :

Chinese arrest ChatGPT user
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Created fake news

Chinese police have arrested a man for using ChatGPT to create a fake news article about a train crash, under a new law governing "deep synthesis technologies" introduced by China this year.

Chinese think they can do AI with weaker chips
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Avoiding US sanctions 

While the US thinks that it can delay China's rise in power by forbidding the sale of high powered chips to the Middle Kingdom, it seems that is doomed to fail.