China gives $2 billion to largest chipmaker
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Copying the US

China has committed to investing nearly $2 billion in its largest memory chip manufacturer. State-owned National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund to provide the US sanctions-hit industry with some cash.

It might not be difficult for China to catch up on chips
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There are not that many patents that need circumventing

The Chinese government will not have that many difficulties working their way around US trade sanctions on chips, according to China’s Academy of Science.

Half of Apple's Indian made cases rejected
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China was much better

Apple's attempts to move its production from China to India got a swift kick up the bottom line after it discovered that more than half the cases made in the Indian plants were being rejected. 

Singapore wants to profit from US and China tensions
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Wants to attract chip money

With the US and China squabbling over chip designs and other countries concerned about an imagined chip shortage and flinging money at super rich chip makers, Singapore wants its share.

US has kittens as China breeds quantum cats
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Chinese quantum computer is either dead or alive

The US government's attempts to keep its technology companies at the forefront of the world using sanctions have apparently failed again after a Chinese start-up has developed a quantum computer and delivered it to an unnamed customer.

China Academy of Engineering Physics runs on Intel and Nvidia chips
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So much for US sanctions 

The state-run China Academy of Engineering Physics (CAEP)  uses computers with Intel Xeon Gold processors equipped with Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards, despite being on the US export blacklist since 1997, according to its own research papers analysed by the WSJ.

China moving to chiplet design
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Who needs leading edge production nodes

Chinese chipmakers are getting around US sanctions on advanced processing by building processors with a higher core count using a chiplet design.

Apple accused of surrendering to Russia and China for a fast buck
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Human rights groups slam fruity cargo cult 

Human rights groups have accused the fruity cargo cult Apple of selling the lives of their users in authoritarian regimes such as Russia and China to make profits.

ASML attacks US trade restrictions on China
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It makes no sense and only benefits US companies

Dutch semiconductor equipment maker ASML CEO Peter Wennink has waded into the US’s moves to get the Netherlands to adopt new rules restricting exports to China make sense.

Chinese Longsoon chips not going to Russia
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China needs them all itself

The Chinese government has banned exports of Loongson CPUs based on the LoongArch microarchitecture to Russia ironically for the same reasons that the US is not giving it access to its chips.