China working on taking control of western satellites
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US claims

China is building sophisticated cyber weapons to "seize control" of enemy satellites, rendering them useless for data signals or surveillance during wartime, according to a leaked US intelligence report.

China bans the export of rare earths
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This could cause enormous problems for US electronics and electric cars

The Chinese are teaching the US government that it does not have complete control over its chip supply chain.

China investigates Micron
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You probably were not expecting this

It is looking like the Chinese government is getting hacked off at US allegations of spying using its tech companies and is carrying out a few tit-for-tat investigations of its own.

China shows off indigenous interconnected interface for chiplet
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The quest for independence should buy the US a few years

China has come up with an indigenous interconnected interface for chiplet to counter US actions to protect its chip industry.

Chinese watchdog accuses chip tycoon Zhao Weiguo of corruption
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Central Commission for Discipline Inspection calls for charges 

China's anti-fraud watchdog has accused Tsinghua Unigroup former chairman Zhao Weiguo of corruption.

US government wants more sanctions against Chinese chip makers
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Wants to set the Chinese back ten years

The US government is working on even tighter restrictions to set Chinese chipmakers back nearly a decade.

Dell wants out of China by 2027
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At least for US products 

Dell wants to break away from its dependence on Chinese manufacturing by 2027, at least for US products.

Nvidia faces big trouble in China
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It is still hopeful

The US government's is cracking down on the supply of chips to China is putting Nvidia between a rock and a hard place.

China gives $2 billion to largest chipmaker
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Copying the US

China has committed to investing nearly $2 billion in its largest memory chip manufacturer. State-owned National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund to provide the US sanctions-hit industry with some cash.

It might not be difficult for China to catch up on chips
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There are not that many patents that need circumventing

The Chinese government will not have that many difficulties working their way around US trade sanctions on chips, according to China’s Academy of Science.