Apple preparing to stuff up USB-C switch
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At least according to rumours

The dark satanic rumour mill is suggesting that Apple is preparing to undo the shift to USB-C by being a bit stupid about it.

EU clamps down on DIY geo-engineers
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Don't mess with the weather 

The European Union is calling for talks on a potential international framework on how to treat deliberately atmosphere-altering technologies, which are known as geoengineering.

EU unhappy with Adobe's $20 billion purchase of Figma
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In-depth investigation planned

The European Union Commission is planning an in-depth investigation into Adobe's $20 billion purchase of Figma, the popular online graphics editing and interface design application.

OpenAI is “lobbying” EU after all
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So much for we favour regulation

While OpenAI is saying that it favours tough AI legislation it has been actually lobbying the EU to water down some of its rules.

EU close to ordering Apple to have easier battery repairs
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Will also require it to “walk its talk” on green recycling

The Tame Apple Press is furious as it discovers that the European Union is moving closer to enacting a law that will not just require smartphones like the iPhone to have easier battery repairs, but will tell it how much of a battery must be reclaimable after recycling.

EU bans AI in biometric surveillance
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Requires AI to reveal itself

European Union officials have banned on AI use in biometric surveillance and required AI systems to disclose when content is generated by AI.

EU still funding Huawei projects
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Things are not as they appear

While the US is happy that the EU seemed to purge its 5G projects of Huawei gear, the Financial Times, has found that the Commission has been seeing the Chinese phone maker behind Biden’s back.

Google hit with new anti-trust complaint
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EU muttering about huge new fines

Google is set to be hit with a formal antitrust complaint from the European Union that could lead to huge new fines and strike at the heart of the advertising technology that drives most of the US firm's revenue. 

Telcos wants Big Tech help to pay for 5G upgrades
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Want EU to make it happen

Big tech companies accounting for more than five per cent of a telecoms provider's peak average internet traffic should help fund the rollout of 5G and broadband across Europe, according to a draft proposal by the telecoms industry. 

EU regulators look at Microsoft's Azure
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Claims that Vole is nibbling at rivals again

Microsoft's Azure cloud business has been targeted by the European Union's antitrust arm, amid concerns the US software firm is leveraging its market power to squeeze out rivals.