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White iPhone for Valentine's day?

by on26 January 2011

Don't count on it
For a while there has been a rumour that the Apple geniuses had finally fixed whatever problem there was with making a white iPhone 4 and have one in the shops in time for Valentine's day. The idea was that a white iPhone would make the perfect romantic gift for an Apple fanboy to give to his girlfriend.

We could have told you in advance that this particular rumour was not going to fly. It implied that Apple would do anything convenient for its users and that Apple fanboys could have a real girl to buy a white iPhone for.

Nevertheless, people logged into the Apple site to find out what treasures the outfit was flogging for Valentine's day. Sure enough, there was no white iPhone.

The white iPhone has become the Duke Nukem of the phone industry. There were some unfounded rumours that Steve Jobs did not want to announce that he could not make one, so he took a couple of years off sick to avoid having to do it.

What is especially sad is that Duke Nukem will ship before Apple works out the technology to stick a white box on its flawed iPhone 4. How difficult can it be? Besides, everyone knows you can get a matching white rubber band so that should not be the trouble.

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