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Android to get PlayStation titles

by on27 January 2011

Needs to be certified a PlayStation device
In perhaps a surprise that we didn’t expect out of Tokyo, Sony announced PlayStation would be coming to Android. This is a new program where by Sony has created a hardware neutral framework that it is calling the “PlayStation Suite” where the company will grant compatible mobile Android devices the tag of “PlayStation Certified”.

Once you have a PlayStation Certified Android device you will be able to play titles from the PlayStation Suite library that we expect to be a downloadable service where you can purchase the titles for download into your Android device.

The primary target for software for the PlayStation Suite will be PSOne titles. Current plans call for PlayStation Suite to offer Cool Boarders 2, Medievil, Rally Cross, and Wild Arms as some of the first offerings for the PlayStation Suite for Android.

Sony in conjunction with Ericsson will be offering a PlayStation Android smartphone device as well that will be PlayStation Certified and it is likely to be one if not the first Android phone to offer support for the PlayStation Suite. More details on this will follow.

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