Apple demanded $1 billion for chance to win exclusive iPhone contract
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We don't think that is how it should work 

The fruity cargo cult Apple demanded a billion dollars from Qualcomm for the opportunity to exclusively supply its products for the iPhone, Qualcomm's CEO told a court.

Apple fanboy who sold a kidney for an iPhone still suffers
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Wrecked his life

A poster child for Apple fanboys has been telling the press that he probably made a mistake.

Apple slashes iPhone production
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It might have been more logical to slash the price

Apple has reduced planned production for its three new iPhone models by about 10 percent for the January-March quarter according to the Nikkei Asian Review.

Trump adviser fakes Apple scare story
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Normally fake Apple news comes from Apple

Trump adviser Larry Kudlow had a crack at promoting a fake news story claiming that the Chinese “may have” stolen Apple’s technology.

Apple admits it is going to miss iPhone sales
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About as much on target as an Imperial stormtrooper bagging Ewoks

Apple CEO Tim Cook published a letter to investors warning of weaker than expected first quarter earnings.

New iPhones didn't sell well before Christmas
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iPhone retailer confirms 2018 models unpopular

Apple's largest retailer, Best Buy, is reporting that the sales of iPhones are significantly down on last year.

Apple sees iPhone ban in Germany
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German court tells Jobs' Mob it must pay its bills for copying

Qualcomm was granted a second injunction against Apple on Thursday, banning it from selling some iPhone models in Germany that use chips from Intel and parts from another supplier, Qorvo.

China court bans iPhone 6S to X sales
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Qualcomm patent infringement

Today is a big day in the tech industry especially for Qualcomm and Apple as after years of legal battle, a Chinese court decided that Apple is infringing two Qualcomm’s patents, resulting in the immediate ban of import and sale and offers for sale for various phones.

Apple slashes production on three iPhone models
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A month after launch few are buying

Fruity cargo cult Apple has slashed production on three of its iPhone cash cows as users finally start to reject its “charge you more money for a mid-range phone” policy.

iPhone cash cow being killed off by the mid-range phones
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Same functions for half the price

Apple’s most scary rival is not the makers of other high-end phones but mid-range phones coming out of China.