Moderna CEO says COVID-19 vaccines are like iPhones
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Ten reasons why Moderna's CEO is wrong 

Moderna's CEO made a bit of a mistake when he compared COVID-19 vaccines to iPhones.

Netflix works a way around Apple's tax
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Expect a visit from the boys 

Media streaming outfit Netflix has earned the wrath of the Tame Apple Press by working a way around paying a huge amount to the fruity cargo cult Apple for doing very little.

Captain America says his iPhone is rubbish
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Tame Apple Press tries unsuccessfully to convince him it isnt

Chris Evans who plays the super hero Captain America said that Apple has lot the plot since the days of his trusty iPhone 6s.

Apple squeezes more cash out of iPhone cash cow
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Pull the udder one new chips only going to be for top of the range machines

Fruity cargo cult Apple has worked out that the best way to squeeze more cash from its dying iPhone cash cow is to drive users to pricy flagship models.

Brazil cracks down on Apple nuts
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Looking at forcing them to use USB-C 

Fruity cargo-cult Apple might be forced to provide USB-C chargers in its iPhones in Brazil.

Hackers can take over a powered down iPhone
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Apple “feature” not properly thought through

An iPhone feature which means that it never powers down makes it a doddle to attack, according to a new report.

Apple update warns users about their earbuds
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Software Genii strike again

Apple’s software genii, who have been unable to wrote code which allows the iPhone to tell the time correctly, have had another breakthrough fixing tracking tags which are being used to stalk people.

Apple fixes two critical zero-day vulnerabilities
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iPhones, iPads, and Macs wide open

Apple released fixes for two critical zero-day vulnerabilities in iPhones, iPads, and Macs that give hackers dangerous access to the devices internals.

Nothing is better than iPhone
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So don’t buy anything

Nothing, the company founded by OnePlus' Carl Pei, recently announced the Nothing Phone, expanding on its successful earbuds, the Nothing Ear [don't you mean nothing to see ear? ed].

Apple employee alleged to have stolen $10 million from company
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That is three iPhones for the rest of the world

A former Apple employee has been charged with defrauding the tech giant out of more than $10 million.