Apple shares tank on iPhone sales warnings
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Who would have thought an overpriced phone would be such a loser?

Fruity cargo cult Apple's share price has fallen after its suppliers warned that their bottom lines would be taking a caning due to poor sales of the iPhone.

Apple 5G phone delayed until late 2020
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Depending on Intel’s 10nm process

The fruity cargo cult Apple will not get an iPhone with 5G until late 2020.

Chinese have cracked Trump’s iPhones
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China says he should use using something secure like a Huawei

Apple fanboy Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump has had his two iPhones hacked by the Chinese, according to the New York Times.

My new buddy is called the Huawei Mate 20 Pro
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Review: The smartphone accompanies me on my travels

I've used the Huawei Mate 20 Pro for a week now, and this is quite some phone, with quite a price tag to match. It will be with me next week when I'm in Barcelona, unless it falls out of my pocket and breaks on the way. Which it won't.

iPhone’s new kids censorship tool blocks sex education
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But allows terrorism and racism

Apple’s new iPhone parental controls have taken the pulse of Trump’s America and are blocking sex education sites while allowing kids to search racist, terrorism and violent sites.

Huawei throws a giant phone party
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Hello Mate, here's the Mate20 Pro

Well over 2,000 people, from all over the world, poured into a conference hall in the Excel conference centre in London yesterday to see and listen to a complete bells and whistles exposition of the virtues of Huawei's latest range of phones the Mate 20 and the Mate20 Pro.

New iPhones have poor battery life
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It looks like you don't get what you pay for

While the Tame Apple Press emphasised the fact that its new iPhones would have superior battery performance as a reason for paying inflated prices for the new iPhones, it appears that it might have been untrue.

iPhone sales will continue to fall
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Dance of the dying cash cow

Despite what is written in the Tame Apple Press, smart money is predicting that sales of iPhone will continue to fall over the next year.

Apple fanboys find a use for the iPhone
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Measuring incredibly small objects

While the expensive new range of iPhones is about as useful as a chocolate teapot, Apple fanboys have found something they find incredibly useful.

Apple slammed for sexist design
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To be fair,  Donald Trump also has the same problem

Apple has been slammed for creating phones which are too large to fit in the average woman or US president's hand.