Intel walks away from 5G smartphone modem
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Apple to go alternatives

In a surprising twist of events, Intel has just announced that it plans to exit the 5G Smartphone modem business. The surprising announcement happened just hours after Apple announced that it had settled its years of legal battles against Qualcomm.

Five-star reviews for faulty iPhone charger
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Apple fanboys are soft targets

People are starting to question how a dodgy iPhone charger with a voltage irregularity that can cause permanent damage scored five-star reviews.

Apple iPhone 5G to arrive in 2020
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Intel can make it

Intel has canceled its 8060 5G modem to speed up things with its new all mode XMM 8160 solution. Intel is likely to sample the 8160 modem later this year which should be more than enough time for Apple to incorporate it in the iPhone 2020 (iPhone 20 anyone?).   

How much is an iPhone really worth?
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In terms of salary and the all important beer index

The flaw in Apple’s cunning plan to make shedloads of cash flogging its expensive gear in third world country’s has been shown up by an amusing BankmyCell study.

Apple to merge iPhone, iPad and Mac apps
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Even though it said users didn’t want it

Fruity cargo cult Apple is merging its iPhone and Mac Apps by 2021 despite previously saying users did not want it.

Qualcomm wants US regulators to ban some iPhones
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Change your minds

Qualcomm is urging US trade regulators to reverse a judge’s ruling and ban the import of some Apple iPhones in a long-running patent fight between the two companies.

Apple iPhone sales fall by 20 percent
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While Huawei soared by 23 percent

Apple iPhone sales in China fell 20 percent year-on-year in the fourth quarter of 2018, while sales for smartphones made by home-grown rival Huawei soared by 23 percent.

Apple will keep iPhone charging slow
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Rumour says Jobs’ mob wants to save money

The fruity cargo cult Apple has decided that it is more important to push the margins on its overpriced phones than give users new technology.

iPhone cloud hacking not that tricky
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We always use our friend Stanley

Hackers do not seem to have any difficulty hacking into users iCloud accounts.

UAE denies iPhone hack
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01 February 2019

UAE denies iPhone hack

It was broken when we got there

A United Arab Emirates senior diplomat denied the country had targeted “friendly countries” or American citizens in a cyberspying programme that a Reuters report said involved a hacking team of US mercenaries.