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Google's masterplan for world domination revealed

by on28 July 2010

Babylon 5 to be remade and a daft plan about an operating system
Sometimes those brainstorming meetings at Google start to get out of hand. According to John Markoff, the celebrated New York Times tech reporter and author of a countercultural history of Silicon Valley called What The Dormouse Said who sat in on one such meeting, the search engine has all sorts of plans for total world domination.

According to a picture of the whiteboard from the meeting which revealed that Google's master plan included  "weather control," "elimination of humanity," and "remake of whole Babylon 5 series." We are not sure if remaking the whole of the Babylon 5 series would be a good idea. While you would have better computer imagery available, the really good actors are dead and it was them, as well as the dialogue, and the clever plot construction which made it.

Google also predicts terminators, "orbital mind control," "cattle mutilations," "Google OS," and "user happiness." Google with an operating system?  Terminators seem more likely. What is particularly interesting is that the whiteboard was made in 2005.

You can see pictures of the board here. It looks a bit like Fastforward.

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