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XFX Radeon DD R9 290X 1000M 4GB reviewed

by on13 January 2014


While idling, the card is very quiet. You can hear the fans spin up as soon as you start gaming or running other GPU intensive applications, which is to be expected. Luckily the fans aren’t too loud. The noise is not high-pitched and all you can hear is the airflow – the low frequency noise is not annoying. In our game tests we saw that the fans accelerate to 75% RPM. The fans aren’t too loud even when you push them to the max, which is what we did in our overclocking tests.

A quick glance at the temperatures revealed that the Ghost 2.0 cooler does a good job. After a long gaming session the temperature was 78 degrees Celsius, which was about 17 degrees lower than what you would get with a reference card.

battlefield4 xfx r9290x

r9 290x xfx gpuz load

The fans do not change RPM gradually, but we did not experience many sudden changes in fan noise.

crysis xfx r9290x fan curve

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