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Point of View GTX 470 put to the test

by on14 May 2010


Dirt 2 is one of the newer games that utilize certain parts of DirectX 11. At 1920x1200,  the GTX 480 beats the HD 5870 by about 20%. This difference melts to about 7% at 2560x1600, with and without AA. Point of View GTX 470 fares well versus the HD 5870 at 1920x1200, but as soon as we hit 2560x1600, the HD 5870 proves that it’s faster. At 1920x1200 and 2560x1600 (no AA), the GTX 470 is slower by 1.6% and 15.9%, respectively. After turning antialiasing on, the difference melts to 3.4% and 16.7%, respectively.



Last modified on 14 May 2010
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