Nokia gets a new logo after 60 years
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Gets rid of the iconic blue

Nokia changed its logo after 60 years, getting rid of the iconic blue one.

Nokia allows people to fix their own phone
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New easy-to-fix handset released

Nokia has released a handset that users can fix themselves, making it possible to keep phones in service longer.

Samsung and Nokia sign cross licence agreement
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5G agreement renewed

Samsung and Nokia have signed a new cross-license patent agreement covering the fundamental inventions by Nokia in 5G and other technologies.

Nokia profits up
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20 October 2022

Nokia profits up

5G is a money spinner

Former rubber boot maker Nokia reported substantially improved third-quarter profits and higher sales on the back of strong demand for 5G technology.

Nokia's new cheap phone has feature not found on flagships
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5710 XpressAudio has in-built wireless earbuds 

The former maker of rubber wear, Nokia has released a super cheap phone which has a feature that Apple would be hyping the hell out of, if it had thought of it. 

Nokia says chip shortage is easing
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Good numbers in its operating report too 

Former rubber boot maker Nokia reported on  quarterly operating profit ahead of market expectations, boosted by strong demand for 5G gear, and sees signs of a global chip shortage easing.

Kiwis have 25 gigabits per second broadband
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Not bad for flightless birds who eat roots and leaves

Kiwis boffins have demonstrated a 25 gigabits per second broadband — both downloading and uploading.

EU worried about Chinese patent power grab
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Smartphone technology apparently is Chinese now

After taking part in the biggest patent technology grab by the US, the EU is now worried about the Chinese counterattack.

Nokia unveils the 6.5-inch G21
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G20 successor gets up to three days from 5,050mAh battery

Nokia has rather silently unveiled the successor of its G20 smartphone, the new 6.5-inch 90Hz Nokia G21, which promises exceptional battery life thanks to 5,050mAh battery and power-saving modes.

Nokia plans cloud-based software subscription service
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For telecoms companies

Nokia plans to launch a cloud-based software subscription service targeting telecom companies for providing software around analytics, security and data management.