Nokia and Lenovo smoke peace pipe
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Lenovo buys a licence

Finland’s Nokia has settled a multi-year patent fight with China’s Lenovo Group, the world’s biggest PC maker, resolving all pending litigation across all jurisdictions.

Nokia cuts French jobs
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5G boom --- Nokia has heard of it 

Nokia said it was cutting 1,233 jobs in France, largely impacting research and development positions at its Alcatel-Lucent subsidiary.

Nokia licenses video standards to Samsung
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Might be linked to the Ericsson dispute

The former maker of rubber boots, Nokia, has struck a deal with Samsung to license patents covering its innovations in video standards, the Finnish telecom company said on Thursday.

Nokia scores China Mobile IoT contract
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Not everything in China falls to Huawei

Nokia has been selected by China Mobile IoT (CMIoT) to ensure delivery of IoT connectivity and services to its customers.

Nokia cuts full year profit
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Change of cunning plans

Telecom equipment maker Nokia cut its full-year profit and margin forecasts as the Finnish company's new chief executive overhauled its strategy to win the 5G race.

Nokia wins BT 5G contract
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29 September 2020

Nokia wins BT 5G contract

Filling the Huawei space

Former rubber boot maker Nokia has signed a deal with Britain's biggest mobile operator BT to supply it with 5G radio equipment.

Samsung scores big US 5G contract
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Nokia setback

Finnish telecom firm Nokia has suffered a setback after losing out to Samsung on a part of the contract to supply new 5G equipment to Verizon in the United States.

Nokia moves to open interfaces
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Mobile operators no longer need a vendor

Nokia became the first major telecom equipment maker to add open interfaces in its products that will allow mobile operators to build networks that are not tied to a vendor.

Nokia gets ultra-high capacity of 8.5Gbps over six kilometers
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Able to meet capacity demands

Former maker of rubber gear Nokia announced that it has successfully completed a trial with Algerian mobile operator Djezzy, using microwave carrier aggregation technology to support increased demand for capacity.