Twitter and Facebook take down pro-Western propaganda
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Sorry Joe but few people believe nationalist propaganda these days

Twitter and Meta are reporting that they've taken down nearly 200 accounts that, for the past five years been pushing pro-Western messages in the Middle East and Central Asia.

Facebook offers to pay users 54 cents in movement tracking case
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$37.5 million does not look so big now 

Meta has offered to pay $37.5 million to settle a class-action lawsuit, which claimed Facebook illegally harvested location data even when users denied consent.

Meta's AI starts spewing fake news
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Blenderbot 3 insists that Donald Trump is president and will remain so after 2024

Last week we reported how Facebook's new Blenderbot 3 AI was sexist and racist, but now it has turned into a pro-Trump conspiracy theorist with the intelligence of plankton. 

Teens really hate Facebook
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Requires too much concentration 

Facebook is about as popular among modern teens as the works of Edward Gibbon whose six volume critique of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire was ironically first published on the year that the North American empire was founded.

Facebook's racist AI lies and insults you
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Just like your other Facebook friends

Meta has warned that the company's new artificial intelligence-based BlenderBot3 chatbot could write insults and lie to you.

Facebook pushing dangerous apps
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While sticking people in Facebook prison for no reason

While Facebook's AI is locking people out for saying that Liz Truss should be hanged, drawn and quartered, it is failing to stop malicious mobile apps and the aggressive advertising campaigns.

Meta loses another quarter of profits
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Meta shrinking 

Facebook parent company Meta saw another quarter of shrinking profits.

Amazon sues Facebook admins over fake reviews
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Still keeping fake reviews up 

Online book seller Amazon is suing shedloads of Facebook admins who it claims are organising marketplaces “for the purchase and sale of fake reviews.”

Meta claims its AI has cracked translation
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Boffins say what they meant to say was that the claim is lost in translation

Facebook claims that its AI tools have cracked translation and can translate 204 different languages, twice as many as ever before attempted, at a higher quality than previously achieved.

EU signs off on tech giant regulation
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Enforcement might be impossible

EU lawmakers gave the thumbs up to landmark rules to rein in tech giants such as Alphabet unit Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft, but enforcement could be hampered by regulators' limited resources.