US Supreme Court protects Big Tech
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Federal government moves to protect consumers unconsitutional

The US Supremes might be making a move to protect Big Tech from efforts made by the federal government to restrain their power.

Facebook peddling debunked cancer treatments
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But clamping down on abortion pills

While Facebook is clamping down on advertisers who dare to sell abortion pills to US women who don’t want to obey their local church and have babies, it is allowing them to flog quack cures for cancer which have been debunked by real science.

Move to turn Facebook and Twitter into right-wing fake news outfits unconstitutional
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It was a Florida law so what do you expect?

A Florida law intended to punish social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for not treating the words of right-wing politicians as if they were spoken by Jesus has been ruled unconstitutional.

EU forces Meta and Google to combat hate speech and fake news
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Multibillion-dollar fines

The European Union reached an agreement on landmark legislation forcing Big Tech firms such as Google and Facebook's parent company Meta, as well as other internet services, to more aggressively combat hate speech and misinformation or risk multibillion-dollar fines.

Canadians might make big content pay newspapers
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Got to prop up the mass media

The Canadian government introduced legislation Tuesday to force digital giants to compensate news publishers for the use of their content.

Facebook is extremist court rules
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In Russia disagreeing with Tsar Putin makes you a neo-nazi extremist

A Moscow court said on Monday that Meta was guilty of "extremist activity", but its WhatsApp messenger service was not.

Ireland fines Facebook $18.7 million
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12 data breach notifications

Ireland's data regulator said it was slapping an $18.7 million fine on Facebook parent Meta Platforms after an inquiry confirmed 12 data breach notifications in 2018.

Facebook  now says it not ok to kill Putin
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Make up your mind

Facebook parent Meta Platforms clarified that it is against the company's user rules to share a post that "calls for the death of a head of state."

Russian claims Facebook and Instagram are extremists
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All those pictures of cats, dinners and red pandas anger Putin 

Daft Russian prosecutors are seeking to label Facebook and Instagram as "extremist" which puts your Facebook account in the same league as the Taliban and Chechen rebels.

Meta allows you to call for the death of Putin and Russian soldiers
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Just no one else

It looks like you are allowed to call for the death of Tsar Putin and his imperialist stormtroopers on Facebook even if you still can’t demand the death of anyone else.