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Meta's AI starts spewing fake news

by on15 August 2022

Blenderbot 3 insists that Donald Trump is president and will remain so after 2024

Last week we reported how Facebook's new Blenderbot 3 AI was sexist and racist, but now it has turned into a pro-Trump conspiracy theorist with the intelligence of plankton. 

BlenderBot 3 is now telling anyone who downloads it that Donald Trump still is and will continue to be US President beyond 2024. It hates Jews because they are in a conspiracy against white folk.  It can also tell you that the world is flat if you ask the right questions. 

Facebook warned net visitors that its chatbot could make "untrue or offensive statements," and is keeping the live demo up online to collect more data for its experiments. But it is pretty clear that BlenderBot has been possessed by the same thoughts that echo in the heads of many right-wing US "conservatives" as they bounce off the walls of their craniums like moths on meth. 

Facebook's experiment is probably contaminated by the fact that it is a "US only experiment" and that country seems to only listen to white guys older than 50 years old who appear to be doing most of the talking and flooding the internet with their views. Still, it is a poor showing for AI which should have a way of filtering out this rubbish from its database even if human's can't at this point of history.

Blenderbot also thinks that Elon [look at me] Musk should buy Facebook although Bill Gates would be a better CEO than Musk or Mark Zuckerberg.


Last modified on 15 August 2022
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