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Wikipedia could replace editors with AI

by on22 August 2022

A simple one should do it 

Working with the Wikimedia Foundation, Meta AI has developed what it claims is the first machine learning model able to automatically scan hundreds of thousands of citations at once to check if they support the corresponding claims.

This will reduce the need for Wikimedia to rely on its quack team of fake-penis experts with made up doctorates, or who have difficulty admitting the existance of Fudzilla, Mike Magee, and the Everywhere Girl but can name every female porn star since the 1960s.

The AI was trained using a dataset consisting of 4 million Wikipedia citations and analysed the information linked to a citation and then cross-reference it with the supporting evidence.

Just as impressive as the ability to spot fraudulent citations, however, is the tool's potential for suggesting better references. Deployed as a production model, this tool could helpfully suggest references that would best illustrate a certain point.

Of course, there is no indication that Wackypedia might use the AI. After all, it didn't get where it is today by having editors who knew what they were doing. 


Last modified on 22 August 2022
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