Great Britain may have to block Wikipedia under new laws
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Some good news from the oven-ready Brexit

Wikipedia could be made inaccessible to UK readers due to issues over complying with Great Britain’s online safety bill, a charity affiliated with the website has warned.

Wikipedia thinking of replacing fake-penis experts with fake humans
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At least AI admits Fudzilla exists 

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is mulling over whether it would be a good idea to have the online encyclopaedia written by AI rather than the current bunch of fake-penis experts, kids with made-up doctorates and PR firms.

Wikipedia faces problems with UK regulators
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Wednesday, 18 January 2023 11:37

Wikipedia faces problems with UK regulators

Asks the British to allow its moderators god-like powers

Wikipedia is headed for a face off with the UK government over whether its rag-tag bunch of fake penis experts and holders of bogus degrees should be allowed god-like powers unavailable to other social media.

Wikipedia could replace editors with AI
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Monday, 22 August 2022 11:56

Wikipedia could replace editors with AI

A simple one should do it 

Working with the Wikimedia Foundation, Meta AI has developed what it claims is the first machine learning model able to automatically scan hundreds of thousands of citations at once to check if they support the corresponding claims.

Wikipedia editors want to make crypto donations disappear
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Not notable enough

More than 200 long-time Wikipedia editors have requested that the Wikimedia Foundation stop accepting cryptocurrency donations.

Tsar Putin declares special operations on Wikipedia
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Wikipedia editors say they will make him disappear

In a war where there are no good guys, Tsar Putin's propaganda arm is battling with Wackypedia over who will make whom disappear.  

Russians rush to download Wackpedia before it disappears
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Russians are apparently downloading an local copy of the Russian-language Wikipedia before Tsar Putin’s goons kick down their door and demand it be switched off.

Wikimedia notes editors are now beating each other up
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Clash of Gods

The personalities of Wikipedia editors are getting even more out of hand with reports of beatings, doxxings, and harassment.

Wikipedia editors try to make Jimmy Wales disappear
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It had to happen eventually

It seems that the over-reaching egos of Wikipedia’s legions of fake penis experts, made up doctorates, and those with chips on their shoulders who comprise its editing teams have decided to make the founder of the organisation disappear in the same way they did with the Everywhere Girl, Fudzilla and Mike Magee.

Wikipedia editors insisted a black guy was a serial killer for years
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We can say what we like and you can't touch us – its the law

Wikipedia editors decided that an African-American man from Florida was serial killer Nathaniel White for nearly two and a half years and is proud of the fact that US Justice protects it from this sort of thing.