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Wikipedia thinking of replacing fake-penis experts with fake humans

by on03 April 2023

At least AI admits Fudzilla exists 

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is mulling over whether it would be a good idea to have the online encyclopaedia written by AI rather than the current bunch of fake-penis experts, kids with made-up doctorates and PR firms.

In an article headlined "Will Wikipedia be written by AI?" Wales said that there was some discussion going on in the Wikipedia community about the topic among “editors” who are worried that "existing models" are not good enough.  This model involves giving people who are otherwise essentially powerless in any meaningful way in their lives will power over those who are experts. If they are replaced with AI then these "editors" will have to go back to having no influence at all over anyone.

 Wales said. "I think we're still a way away from: 'ChatGPT, please write a Wikipedia entry about the empire state building', but I don't know how far away we are from that, certainly closer than I would have thought two years ago," he said.

Wales says that as much as ChatGPT has gripped the world's imagination over the past few weeks, his own tests of the technology show there are still plenty of flaws. "One of the issues with the existing ChatGPT is what they call in the field 'hallucinating' — I call it lying," he said. "It has a tendency to just make stuff up out of thin air, which is just really bad for Wikipedia — that's just not OK. We've got to be really careful about that."

Humans are better at spotting contradictions between articles, Wales said.

However, AI can also learn from those contradictions rather than getting into a hissy fit with the writer. AI will also not try to make Fudzilla, Mike Magee, Nick Farrell, or the Everywhere Girl disappear because its editors have a chip on their shoulders.

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Last modified on 03 April 2023
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