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Tsar Putin declares special operations on Wikipedia

by on05 April 2022

Wikipedia editors say they will make him disappear

In a war where there are no good guys, Tsar Putin's propaganda arm is battling with Wackypedia over who will make whom disappear.  

Russian communications regulator Roskomnadzor said Wikipedia to remove "material with inaccurate information of public interest" about the situation in Ukraine.

When it says "inaccurate information", it means anything that says Russian forces are destroying cities with artillery, using the Neo-Nazi Wagner group, or engaged in genocide of Ukrainians.

Under Russian law, the regulator says that the owner of an Internet resource that does not delete illegal information when asked to do so by Roskomnadzor can be fined up to four million roubles ($48,120.30) when asked to do so) said.

With their fake degrees and expertise in fake penises, Wikipedia editors say that they have the final say on what is true or not. They have so far attempted to make Mike Magee, the Everywhere Girl, and Fudzilla disappear (twice).

At present, neither side is saying what they will do. We guess that Wikipedia will retaliate by formally declaring Tsar Putin "not notable" and deleting all references to him and Russian Oligarchs. It might make an exception for Russian oligarchs married to beautiful supermodels (preferably porn stars) or have cute daughters. It will then pull out of Russia completely.  


Last modified on 05 April 2022
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