Mozilla’s Firefox gets even faster
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Scratches the itch for new improvements

Mozilla today launched Firefox 67 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android which doubles down on performance and privacy.

A Firefox ate my extensions
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I thought they only ate fruit

Red panda flavoured browser maker Mozilla has started distributing new Firefox updates after the browser started munching on its own extensions on Friday.

Microsoft bloke says Mozilla should kill Firefox
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Surrender to the mighty Google

A Microsoft manager has hacked off shedloads with his claim that Mozilla should give up on Firefox and surrender to Chromium – just like Vole did.  

There is not enough humanity in IT
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Head of the Mozilla Foundation warns about a need for philosophiers and psychologists  

The biggest cheese in the Mozzarella Foundation - Mitchell Baker - is warning that IT companies need to diversify their hiring practices to include more people from backgrounds in philosophy and psychology if they want to tackle the problem of misinformation online.

Mozilla launches new Firefox today
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Quantum it is rather good

Mozilla today launched Firefox 57, branded Firefox Quantum, for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. We have been running it for a month or so and it is rather good.

Firefox to stop supporting legacy add-ons
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WebExtensions SDK will be it

The big cheeses of the Mozarella foundation will ship Firefox 57 as the first version of its browser that will not support legacy Firefox add-ons.

Edge better at handling malware
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Google and Mozilla not as good as living on the edge 

Microsoft's Edge easily beat rival browsers from Google and Mozilla in third party tests of the behind the scenes services which power anti-malware warnings and malicious website-blocking.

Mozilla wants to make Firefox great again
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Does not really say how

Mozilla Chief Executive Chris Beard claims that the outfit is set to make Mozilla great again, although he does not say if it will finally get around to fixing the memory problem which has always blighted the browser.

US government ignoring public will on net neutrality
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Trump backing the wrong horse

While the US government under its supreme Orangeman Donald Trump is dismantling Net Neutrality so that big telcos can take more money from their enslaved customers, they appear to have lost public support.

FCC blames John Oliver for “hack”
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Kill the comics

Not happy with trying to censor comics who make jokes at Donald Trump’s expense, the FCC is now wading into Late Night telly host John Oliver for leading a campaign against its net neutrality rules.