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Mozilla’s Firefox gets even faster

by on22 May 2019


Scratches the itch for new improvements

Mozilla today launched Firefox 67 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android which doubles down on performance and privacy.

Firefox 67 includes deprioritising least commonly used features, suspending unused tabs, faster startup, blocking of cryptomining and fingerprinting, Private Browsing improvements, voice input in the Android search widget, and more.

Firefox 67 deprioritises least commonly used features and delays set Timeout to prioritise scripts for things you need.

Mozilla claims Instagram, Amazon, and Google searches now execute between 40 percent and 80 percent faster. Firefox also now scans for alternative style sheets after page load and doesn’t load the auto-fill module unless there is a form to complete.

Firefox 67 detects if your computer’s memory is running low (under 400MB) and suspends unused tabs. If you do click on a tab that you haven’t used or looked at in a while, it will reload where you left off.

The browser promises faster startup for users that customised their browser with an add-on.  It now “skips a bunch of unnecessary work during subsequent start-ups”.

Mozilla is also shipping a WebRender update to Windows 10 desktop users with Nvidia graphics cards. WebRender is Mozilla’s next-generation GPU-based 2D rendering engine meant to make browsing feel faster and smoother by moving core graphics rendering processes to the GPU.

Firefox 65 added support for AV1, the royalty-free video codec developed by the Alliance for Open Media. Firefox 67 uses the newer, higher-performance AV1 decoder dav1d. Mozilla says that 11.8 per cent of video playback in Firefox Beta already uses AV1.

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