British spooks violated privacy rights
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EU’s highest court rules

GCHQ's methods for bulk interception of online communications violated the right to privacy and the regime for collection of data was "not in accordance with the law," the grand chamber of the European court of human rights has ruled.

West faces technology moment of reckoning
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Intelligence boss warns we must not drop the soap

According to a top spook, the West is faced with a "moment of reckoning" regarding technology and security.

Via might save Huawei's bacon
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Chinese firm caught between ROC and hard place

While US semiconductor firms Intel and AMD and others are effectively banned from shipping their technology to Chinese giant Huawei, another firm could fill the X86 processor hole in its motherboards.

IT companies’ rebel at GCHQ’s encryption plans
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We want to participate in every encrypted email

While the UK has been distracted by Brexit, GCHQ has sounded out plans to force IT companies to hand over opened copies of every encrypted email sent by their customers.

Britain to create 2,000 strong anti-Russian cyber force
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Four-fold increase

While the UK can't afford to upgrade computers for the NHS to something a little more secure, it is splashing out huge amounts of money on spy equipment to keep the Russians out.

UK GCHQ violated human rights
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No wonder the UK wanted out of the European Court

GCHQ's methods in carrying out bulk interception of online communications violated privacy and failed to provide enough surveillance safeguards, the European court of human rights (ECHR) has ruled in a test case judgment.

Britain bans ZTE
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16 April 2018

Britain bans ZTE

The Chinese get a bruising…

While the world is still sort of wondering about the air strikes in Syria last week, some of the rest of us – including Scotland – are thinking about the other things that are happening in our little world of technology. 

Russian hackers attack major UK sectors
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GCHQ is on the case

The chief executive of Britain's GCHQ cyber security centre said today that its spooks are aware of attempts to disrupt the UK's energy, telecomms and media by attempted hacks.

Improving security lets the terrorists win

GCHQ threatens the free press