Unity CEO says sorry for calling game developers F*cking idiots
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For not destroying games with monetisation fast enough

Former EA CEO and current Unity CEO John Riccitiello has apologised for calling game developers who don't destroy their games by bringing in monetisation as some of the "biggest F*cking idiots."

EA does not need FIFA
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25 February 2022

EA does not need FIFA

All we get is four letters

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson has told employees that the company could be better off ending its 30-year relationship with FIFA.

Computer games are spying on you
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Data gathering

It turns out that computer game’s companies are collecting shedloads of psychological data on players and there is concern about its use.

FIFA wants EA to pay double for game rights
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You have to pay to ride our gravy train

EA is considering renaming its most popular video game brand after FIFA has starting demanding more than double for the cost of licensing.

Battlefield 2042 open beta pre-load hits a few snags
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Mostly due to the EA Desktop App

As the Battlefield 2042 open beta pre-load went live yesterday, EA and DICE had some problems which were addressed pretty fast.

Battlefield 2042 gets pushed to November
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The Open Beta phase might be delayed to October as well

DICE has officially confirmed that Battlefield 2042 will not be coming in October, and is now set for release in November.

EA shows the first Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer
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Showing 128-player multiplayer on Xbox

During Microsoft's E3 2021 showcase, EA has unveiled the first Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer, showing some of that 128-player action on the Xbox game console.

EA Games hit in hack
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Source code and tools nicked

Electronic Arts has been hacked and the hackers have nicked "a wealth of game source code and related tools" for the Frostbite engine.

EA officially shows Battlefield 2042
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Game set in near-future, launching on October 23rd

Electronic Arts has finally unveiled its next Battlefield series game. Called Battlefield 2042, the game is set in the near future, has cross-generation support, lacks a standard single-player campaign, and focuses heavily on the multiplayer experience.

EA says sorry for stupid in-game advert
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It seems your 60 dollars still gets you silly adverts

EA has said sorry for shoving a full-screen, in-game ad into its UFC 4 game after angry fans protested on Reddit.