AMD settles Bulldozer CPU lawsuit
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That will  be $12.1 million for dodgy advertising

AMD has settled a false advertising lawsuit that was launched in the US in 2015 by writing a $12.1 million cheque to make it go away.

AMD official releases Carrizo-L details
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Low power

AMD officially unveiled the Carrizo-L product SKUs and clock speeds and ended months of speculation on what the company's 2015 low-power products might look like.

New leaked AMD Zen slide
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High performance monster

The block diagram of the new AMD Zen core has found its way onto the Planet 3 news group.

Dirt cheap flagship

Not sure what to make of it


Whoops too soon

Lost in translation

05 December 2011

Trinity yields are good

On schedule for Q1 2012 launch

amd logon

Intel has little to fear but itself


A few bucks here and there