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Trinity yields are good

by on05 December 2011

On schedule for Q1 2012 launch

Sources close to AMD have revealed that Trinity, the next generation of Fusion APU, is looking good.

Llano suffered from poor yields but it looks like Trinity has much better yields than its predecessor. We have already reported about the fact that CPU gets slightly faster than on Llano parts, but the graphics part ends up significantly faster.

Trinity should launch in Q1 2012 and hopefully nudge AMD off to a good start in what is expected to be a very challenging year spiced up with a lot of changes in the CPU market. We are still asking around, but all we are currently hearing is that 28nm Krishna and Wichita are most likely cancelled and that there won’t be any 28nm replacement.

Trinity is based on Piledriver, an enhanced Bulldozer core, but as you’ve probably seen by now, the desktop Bulldozer versions are not as fast as many have hoped for. However, Trinity is not aimed at the high end anyway, so the Piledriver core should suffice.

Trinity will probably do quite well in many desktop and notebook environments as it will be pretty affordable and it will offer good performance for the price.

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