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AMD official releases Carrizo-L details

by on14 May 2015

Low power

AMD officially unveiled the Carrizo-L product SKUs and clock speeds and ended months of speculation on what the company's 2015 low-power products might look like.

AMD has dubbed Carrizo-L's CPU core as "Puma+" which is like Puma but with extra puma added (after all you can never be sure if one puma is enough)

Carrizo-L chips are 28nm product and shares the same socket with Carrizo.

The A8-7410 is a quad-core APU with a 2GHz – 2.5GHz clock and support for DDR3-1866, while the A6-7310 can manage 2.4GHz and only supports DDR3-1600.

The A4-7210 has a clock speed of 2.2GHz and the E2-7110 at 1.8GHz. All of the chips are quad cores, save for the E1-7010, which is a 10W, dual-core.

It is not clear if AMD's APU will match Intel's Atom until Cherry Trail and the A10-7410 are in the shops.

So far AMD never tried to compete with Atom but looked at giving better performance for higher end parts. This is why we saw netbooks powered by single-core Atom CPUs with graphics only an Intel Press Officer could love.

Carrizo-L will use significantly more power than Intel's Atom, though higher performance in many areas.

There is no information on graphics performance, but the 128 GCN cores and be better anything Chipzilla has. .

Puma+ will be the last SoC based on the Bobcat CPU architecture and it will be replaced by AMD's Zen.

AMD focused on Carrizo for the improvements it made to execution efficiency rather than anything cutting edge.

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